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NFT domain names are your ticket to Web3. Get yours on

NFT domain names are increasingly becoming popular because of the principles and techniques that they are built on and the wa

NFT domain names are increasingly becoming popular because of the principles and techniques that they are built on and the way they work. NFT domain names are basically domain names that are built and minted on a blockchain and function in a decentralized manner acting as a digital asset and providing the owner with complete ownership with no third-party intervention. They are also built in such a way that they possess the power to hone a lot more applications than the conventional domain names could ever do.

In addition to that, NFT domain names are the domains that will be used to host decentralized websites on the internet of tomorrow a.k.a Web 3.0. Therefore, this makes them your ticket to Web3. Once you own them they are yours and you will be able to host your own decentralized websites without having to answer any questions or be restricted by any third-party overseer. Unlike conventional domains, you don’t even have to continuously keep paying the renewal fee because there is none.

All these special benefits and applications seem to have gotten into your head. Well, if that’s the case, here’s how can make your way of entering Web3 easier and faster. Read on to find out.

What kind of NFT domains are available on and how to get one? is an NFT domain name marketplace and allows its users to mint, buy and sell as many crypto domains as they want. Now, what kind of NFT domain names does offer? offers an array of TLDs built on the ethereum blockchain to be connected to your favorite NFT domain name and to mint on the blockchain.

To get one, all you need to do is to connect your metamask or trust wallet to the website and then go to the main page. There is a list of TLDs listed. Once you figure out which one suits you best, you can click on it and then search for your NFT domain name availability using the robust search mechanism present on The mint button will pop up showing that your NFT domain name is available. Clicking this button will initiate a transaction that will appear on your crypto wallet. Confirm this to mint yourself your domain name.

That’s it and you have acquired your ticket to the web3 through Also, why have one when you can have as many as you want? There’s nothing to lose so mint away your domain names on You can store them on your cryptocurrency wallet or use them on Ecosystem which we will talk about in a moment.

How does the ecosystem connect the NFT domains and the web3?

The Ecosystem has come up with a simple way to allow its users to make use of their minted NFT domain names in the most useful and principle manner. A soon-to-be-released chrome extension will allow its users to use their crypto domain names to host their decentralized websites on the web3. This practically connects the owner of the NFT domain name to the content creation industry that will flourish on the web3 also dubbed as the Internet of tomorrow, practically giving the user a ticket into the web3. The user will also be able to browse through the web3 using the chrome extension.

Also, If you mint’s NFT domains and then sell them, you will benefit from every transaction the NFT domain name goes through after that for eternity as royalties. Also, since the Web3 is probably taking over soon, why not play your cards right?

Another utility from ecosystem is the replacement of the hexadecimal crypto wallet addresses. You can assign your NFT domain name to act as your wallet address and all transactions will run seamlessly through it. That’s not all though, a lot more applications will surely be added to the ecosystem of as it moves forward. All this