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Top reasons why you need to mint a Metaverse NFT domain on brings you a simple way to step into it. By minting a .metaverse domain name. Getting both web3 and metaverse in a s

NFT domain names are creating an uproar due to their applications in the ironically utopian web 3.0. A free internet where everyone has credibility, privacy, freedom, and many more benefits. Web3 is a complete reform in how the internet works and how we perceive it. It is filled with technologically advanced applications of artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual and augmented reality, and much more.

Well, how is this all related to the metaverse? If that’s the ordeal then metaverse is simply a change in the way information is put out and consumed. The metaverse brings to you novel ways of consuming data using modern applications of technology and is very well going to be a major part of the web3. The metaverse is a humongous opportunity for anyone trying to make it big on the web3. brings you a simple way to step into it. By minting a .metaverse domain name. Getting both web3 and metaverse in a single go.

Here are the top reasons why you should mint yourself a web3 domain name on

1. Metaverse domain names are easy to mint on

To mint yourself a domain name you just have to visit which provides a simple method to mint yourself your .metaverse domain name. Go to and create your account. After that, you can simply connect your metamask or trust wallet. After this, you just have to find your .metaverse TLD and then search your NFT domain name on the search bar. Once you’ve found it, you can simply see if it’s available.

If it is, then the mint button there will help you start a transaction that you can confirm on your crypto wallet to mint the domain name for yourself. That’s it and you have your own .metaverse domain name.

2. Metaverse is an NFT domain name which is a new crypto asset class

NFT domain names are a new asset class in the crypto world. Unlike conventional domains that are put out by the ICANN, crypto domains aren’t controlled by a central authority. They are registered on the blockchain by the process of minting and therefore belong to one individual. They are non-fungible therefore nobody can ever create a copy of them in the future.

They remain yours until you decide to sell them off. Unless you do that you can always store them in your crypto wallet just like any other crypto token or cryptocurrency.

3. Metaverse domains can be used to host decentralized websites on Web3

Metaverse domains can be used to host decentralized websites on the web3. Under the ecosystem, you will soon be able to use a chrome extension that will allow you to utilize the IPFS to host a decentralized website on the web3. That’s not all, you will also be able to browse the web3 using the chrome extension. This opens a doorway to the humongous industry of content creation on the web3.

4. Revenues from metaverse domain names even after you sell it.

Unlike the conventional domain names, .metaverse domain names will not have any kind of renewal fee. It’s a one-time purchase that you make and then have the NFT domain name for yourself. If you are the one that originally minted the NFT domain name then you will be eligible to receive a 5% royalty on every transaction that the particular NFT domain name goes through for eternity. That’s an absolute win if you decide to sell your NFT domain name at any point of time. even makes it easy for you to sell your NFT domain name. All you need to do is to list your NFT domain name on the marketplace where you can sell it either for a fixed price or through an auction.

These are a few of the benefits and reasons why you should get yourself a metaverse domain name. There are multiple more applications for them to come as the Ecosystem progresses and an amazing industry is about to bloom soon. Why wait? Get your .metaverse domain name on today.