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What is DigixDAO coin? Trade DigixDAO on Blockonix Exchange.

Understanding the potential of the DigixDAO Coin and buying it through Blockonix.


Cryptocurrency space along with Bitcoin has made advanced development as the community members are looking forward to further improve its efficiency as well as usability. The inefficiencies in various cryptocurrency coins have led to a number of problems with its network security and therefore effective alternatives were initiated throughout the world. Not just the cryptocurrencies but also the other aspects of the financial domain were some of the main points of interest kept in mind by the cryptocurrency developers and effective solution was developed in the face of cryptocurrency with respect to each type. One such cryptocurrency available is the market is explained below. Let us read about DigixDao Coin and what is the best place to trade DGD Coin?

DigixDAO project

DigixDAO Coin is predominantly developed in a fashion so as to accommodate some of the most precious physical assets within the Blockchain’s security. The DigixDAO coin has developed a number of technologies in order to ensure security, traceability, along with the transparency of the crucial physical assets. Some of them are Digix gold coins, Proof of Asset protocol, the DigixDAO coins, etc all based on the Ethereum Blockchain. Basically, the cryptocurrency project has initiated resulted in 2 unique cryptocurrency coins developed, DGX and DGD, based on their practical use case.

The DigixDAO Coin

The DGX is considered to the cryptocurrency counterpart of gold and ensures the value proposition by the community members based on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each DigixDAO coin represents an equivalent of 1% of the 99.99% LBMA gold standard which is safely deposited in the warehouses. DigixDAO is basically nothing but a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation, who are nothing but a decentralized group of people undertaking various fluctuations and making decisions with respect to the improvisation of the Digix Global community. It is to be kept in mind that the participants of this particular network receive rewards on making such decisions in the form of DigixDAO coin.

The DGD Tokens

The DGD Tokens are effectively distributed to the members of the decentralized autonomous organizations who are the backbone in order to make decisions for the development of the community. All the rewards within the Blockchain ecosystem must be received on a quarterly basis and not passively. There are currently 2 million DGD coins available in the market. The citizens must buy the digital coins in order to take part in the decisions of the decentralized autonomous organization. The crowdsale for this particular Blockchain project was initiated in March 2016 and was one of the first decentralized autonomous initiative taken at that particular time of the Ethereum blockchain.

Proof of Asset protocol

Also, the Proof of Asset protocol that the cryptocurrency project has developed, is one of the major breakthroughs in the Blockchain development research. The protocol makes sure that the physical gold is related with its proper owner and thereby safeguarding the ownership of a physical asset with its the distributed ledger technology and transparency. At each step of the protocol functioning, the cryptocurrency assets are updated by incorporating the interplanetary file system and the Ethereum blockchain.

Buy DigixDAO Coin on Blockonix

Most importantly the DigixDAO coin is now available on the best-decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, Blockonix. The Crypto exchange offers a variety of incentives to all of its customers. Some of them include a 0.3% transaction fee on trading by incorporating the native BDT tokens. also on the funds of a particular user on Blockonix is highly secured as there is 0% human intervention in the functioning of the cryptocurrency exchange. The security is inherently incorporated by the process of decentralization of the exchange itself.  The Blockonix community is highly determined to improve the acceptance and usability of the Blockchain platform without hindering other domains of interest.


The DigixDAO coin is highly promising and is one of the first major project based on the Ethereum Blockchain. By investing in DigixDAO coin the crypto enthusiasts can ensure a long-term stability in the cryptocurrency portfolio as the value is pegged to the value of gold. The DigixDAO coin project was so popular and among the investors throughout the world, that it managed to raise 5 million US Dollars in a duration of 12 hours itself. Investing in the DigixDAO coin through Blockonix is one of the safest forms of investment until and unless the decentralized organization is not the next target of the hackers.

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