What if Pewdiepie makes a Bitcoin Video? Lets convince him to do so

YouTube has given a platform to many users to showcase their talents no matter what they are. But one college drop out stood out from the rest as with his content and dedication; he ruled the platform with most subscribers. Let us look at the life of PewDiePie.

Since its launch, YouTube has made quite some improvements and updates in its systems, which has helped many creative people a platform to showcase their talents and skills. Over the years, YouTube has turned into a platform that has everything that you need from songs to shows reviews to cooking videos to gameplays of your favorite games.

YouTube has given people a platform to showcase their talents with the whole world and, sometimes, help them learn new things from the internet. One such young star is a Swedish YouTuber that goes by the screen name of PewDiePie. This YouTuber has worked hard for almost nine years to be where he is right now.


Who is PewDiePie?

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is a Swedish YouTuber, comedian, musician, and game commentator who goes by the name of PewDiePie on YouTube and every other social media platform. His channel features funny videos, and mostly it consists of “Let’s Play” videos reviewing the latest games of all genres.

Born in Gothenburg, Sweden, on 24th October 1989, this 30 years old started his YouTube channel during his university days. Felix was pursuing a degree in industrial economics and technology management from the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. However, destiny had other plans for him.

The year he started his YouTube channel, he dropped out of the university as he lost interest in the field of his degree. After this, he decided to focus on his channel and decided to make content for people. The beginning was rocky as to fund his videos, he had to sell his Photoshop art and work at a hot dog stand. All this hard work paid off when he surpassed one million subscribers in July 2012.


PewDiePie Sub Count

Once the 1 million subscriber milestones were crossed, there was no coming back for PewDiePie as his popularity kept increasing with every passing day. In his early days, he focused on gaming and gaming commentaries for horror and action games. The line he chose was new on YouTube, and he was among the few who decided to take this platform out there in the world. His new videos featured games like Minecraft, Call of Duty, and Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

By September 2012, PewDiePie had 2 million subscribers, and it was ranked as the No. 1 YouTube Channel by OpenSlate. The same year he signed a deal with Maker Studios, a multi-channel network that helps in the growth of the channels that are working under their label. 2013 came with many milestones and an unexpected pace of growth for PewDiePie.

His channel reached 5 million subscribers in February 2013, and by the end of 2013, his channel had 15 million subscribers, and the count was increasing with every passing second. He even received a certificate from Guinness World Records for becoming the most subscribed YouTuber.


PewDiePie Height is shorter than his career height

This 5’11” tall YouTuber’s career is taller than himself. As his record-breaking growth continued throughout 2013, things only got better for him in the coming years. From 2014 onwards, he focused on playing games that appealed to him more as compared to other games.

Kjellberg continued his contract with the Maker Studios as they launched an official website for PewDiePie along with an app where he could sell PewDiePie merchandise. He continued to promote Maker’s work and shared some ad revenue with the network as well.


PewDiePie Merch

One thing that we have noticed is that most of the YouTubers have followed the path of turning their logo into a brand, and PewDiePie was in the same business as well. Maker’s Studio helped him opening up a merch store as they set up a website and app from where people could buy his merch.

Recently, he collaborated with online store Represent to sell his merch which includes, duffle bags, sweatshirts, hoodies, caps, T-shirts, and many more things. He is also working on his independent merch store as well, which will soon have more listings of outfits and other things.


PewDiePie Social Blade Stats

Social Blade is a website that tracks YouTube channels statistics and publishes a report about them. The platform mentioned that in 2014 alone, PewDiePie had gained 14 million new subscribers, and his videos received over 4.1 billion views. This number was more significant than any other user at that time. By July 2015, his videos had a monthly volume of over 300 million views, and his channel had over 10 billion views making it the first channel ever to reach that milestone.

PewDiePie was reaching new heights with releasing of his web series titled “Scare PewDiePie.” In 2016, he partnered with Maker Studios to produce Revelmode, a sub-network of Maker that would show PewDiePie and his friends YouTube in its original series.

In 2016, YouTube was facing issues with YouTubers as they complained about sudden subscribers and views loss on their videos and channels. PewDiePie also discussed this issue through a video as well as on the PewDiePie Reddit and Twitter accounts. Kjellberg’s account became the first channel to reach 50 million subscribers in December, and to celebrate this, YouTube sent him a customized Play Button as a reward for reaching the subscriber milestone.


PewDiePie Networth

With such a huge subscriber count and so many views, we can only imagine how much money PewDiePie makes or what his net worth is, but to help you out, we have a few numbers. According to Forbes, PewDiePie made $12 million in 2017 amid the controversies he was stuck in. For 2019, his net worth is estimated to be around $30 million to $40 million.


PewDiePie vs. T-Series

If you’ve been following the news closely, you must’ve come across the story of the subscriber count war that was going on between the Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie and the Indian record label T-series. But how did this cold war started?

In October 2018, Kjellberg made a diss track against T-Series with the title “T-SERIES DISS TRACK,” but it was later renamed to “Bitch Lasagna.” He did this when posts regarding T-Series surpassing his channel in subscriber count started heating up on social media platforms. The diss track made by him had some comments which were considered offensive and racist by the viewers. The chairman of T-Series, Bhushan Kumar, said that they are not taking this seriously as they are not in competition with PewDiePie. On the other hand, several famous YouTubers like MrBeast and Markiplier were asking their followers and viewers to subscribe to PewDiePie to keep his channel on top.

PewDiePie’s name was already on various news channels as this subscriber race turned into an event as people started campaigns to show their support. PewDiePie faced criticism for the comments he made for Pew News, where he spoke about the 2019 Pulwama terrorist attacks, and later, he took that video down.

On 27th March, T-Series became the most subscribed channel after gaining the title several times during that year. T-Series filed a case in High Court seeking the removal of the diss tracks he posted on his channel. Later, they came to a settlement, and his videos were blocked from India.


Back in game

Once this feud was over, PewDiePie decided to come back to his Let’s Play videos after several years. He marked his comeback as he started playing Minecraft again. This revival of the channel helped him gain more daily views and subscribers on his channel. This rise helped him pass the 100 million subscribers mark, making him the first individual YouTuber to do that, and he received a Red Diamond Play Button as a congratulatory gift from YouTube.


PewDiePie Chair

After receiving the Red Diamond Play Button as a reward for reaching 100 million subscribers, another company decided to honor his success. Gaming equipment manufacturers, Clutch Chairz launched a limited edition gaming chair in honor of PewDiePie. This chair had color-changing LED lights on its border. There was also a 100 Million embroidery in the front and back of the chair in golden font.


PewDiePie Twitter and PewDiePie Reddit

If you thought that YouTube is the only platform where PewDiePie is winning, then you were wrong. PewDiePie started an online submissions community on Reddit, where he would interact with his fans and posts memes. The users also participated in this by posting regular memes regarding him or about other things. The Reddit community has over 2 million followers.

Apart from this, PewDiePie has over 18 million followers on his Twitter handle, where he shares information about all the latest things he is planning to do. He interacts with his followers as well and posts memes on his Twitter to entertain the followers.



With a current subscriber count of 101 million, PewDiePie is still ruling is still ahead of several channels that are popular among users. PewDiePie recently married his long-time girlfriend, Marzia Bisognin, at London’s Kew Gardens. He continues to be an active part of the YouTube community providing people with fantastic content as his popularity among people continues to grow.

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