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We may have blockchain tickets for the 2024 Olympics in France

Tickets for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris could be issued using blockchain technology if allowed by French officials.

The Olympic Committee of the French Government is willing to manage the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris with minimal security hazards for spectators. As a result, the organization may integrate blockchain technology into the ticketing system and issue spectators with non-transferable, individualized passes.

The Blockchain Saves the Day

According to recent reports, Michel Cadot, the French Government’s Olympic Interministerial Delegate, submitted a report to France’s Prime Minister detailing some proposed revisions for the 2024 Olympic Games.

One interesting suggestion is related to the ticketing system used during the mega event. Permits based on blockchain technology, in Cadots’ opinion, will give fans more security. Tickets ought to be non-transferable and delivered by the organization some few days before the commencement of the Olympics, according to his idea.

Spectators can obtain them by scanning a QR code that will be generated using blockchain technology. Everyone will check in & their tickets will be deactivated once they enter the arena.

Individuals will be able to get instructions via digital channels on problems such as how to get to the venue from each district in Paris and safety protocols during the Games, according to Cadot. He also suggested that blockchain ticketing may be successfully integrated into other important sporting events in France, including:

“These provisions are already planned for the 2023 Rugby World Cup and the Olympics and Paralympics 2024 and practiced by major events such as the French International Tennis.”

The probable update follows the catastrophe during last month’s Champions League final in Paris (Real Madrid vs. Liverpool). Thousands of British fans showed up without or with false tickets, causing the match to be delayed by over 30 minutes.

Despite their efforts to penetrate security, those British supporters with counterfeit passes could not attend the match, as Real Madrid was crowned European champion for the record 14th time.

Cadot also advocated for forming a national commission to oversee important international athletic events. “bridge the gap between the international dimension and local management,” he stated.

“This coordination, applied to other Major International Sporting Events of major importance upstream of the cut of the Rugby World Cup and the 2024 Olympic Games, would make it possible to prefigure the planned systems and to break in the working methods, as well as the reflexes of multi-actor management to face difficulties,” he added.

Previous Olympic Games and Crypto

If France achieves its goals, it will not be the first time that the Olympic Games and the crypto business have been linked. Previous Olympic events have also seen the collaboration of the crypto world and the Olympics.

Last summer, the Indian cryptocurrency exchange Bitbns presented digital currency to local medalists from the Tokyo Olympics. Each gold medalist received roughly $2,700 in digital assets, silver medalists received $1,350, and bronze medalists received $675.

During the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, China wanted to popularize and spread the use of its digital yuan. Despite reservations from some US officials, it allowed athletes and foreign visitors to use the financial product.

Around $315,00 worth of e-CNY was transacted during the sports event.