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Ethereum’s Scaling Ecosystem Hits Record High TPS

Ethereum scaling networks hit record TPS, led by gaming-focused layer-3 solution Xai, amidst debates on performance metrics.

Photo by Bastian Riccardi / Unsplash

Ethereum TPS Surges

In the latest Ethereum news, the Ethereum scaling ecosystem has reached a new milestone with its combined transactions per second (TPS) soaring to an all-time high. On June 16, layer-2 and layer-3 networks registered a combined 246.18 TPS, translating to an estimated 21.2 million transactions throughout the day. This surge is attributed to a significant TPS spike in Xai, an emerging Ethereum layer-3 solution.

Xai: The New Face in Ethereum Scaling

Xai, which focuses on gaming applications, accounted for over 41% of the day’s transactions. Powered by Offchain Labs, creators of Arbitrum One, Xai’s TPS has shown a remarkable increase from around one per day to 101.72 TPS on June 16. This growth positions Xai as a notable player in the Ethereum scaling space.

TVL vs. TPS: Measuring Blockchain Performance

While TPS has hit record numbers, the total value locked (TVL) in newer solutions like Xai and Proof of Play Apex remains modest at $1.38 million and $695,000, respectively. In contrast, established networks like Arbitrum One and Base secure $18 billion and $7.6 billion in TVL. The disparity raises questions about the relevance of TPS as a performance metric. Steven Goldfeder from Offchain Labs suggests that while TPS is commonly used, it may not fully capture a blockchain’s performance, likening it to “counting the number of bills in your wallet but ignoring their denominations.”

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