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Vitalik Buterin Says ” Facebook’s Metaverse Will Be A Bomb”

Vitalik Buterin is skeptical of any “current efforts by companies” to build a successful Metaverse. He said any company trying to build Metaverse today will fail.

In a tweet sharing his views on the future fledging space could look forward to on Sunday, he suggested that companies trying to build Metaverse are unlikely to succeed. While acknowledging the Metaverse “will happen,” “any current efforts by companies to create Metaverse will go nowhere.”

Undoubtedly, the most notable company that has shown a particular interest in Metaverse to date is Meta, the parent company of Facebook, which rebranded to demonstrate its determination to embrace Metaverse late last year. Buterin singles out Meta in his criteria of businesses entering the space.

“Anything Facebook makes now is going to be a bomb,” he wrote in response, arguing that companies focused on Metaverse will likely fail because “it’s too early to know what people want.”

Buterin has been known for his outspoken personality over the years. He often uses his Twitter account and blog to discuss Ethereum’s technology and how decentralization can affect the world.

Although he comments a lot on NFT because of his surprise at the boom in 2021 and does research on the speculative side of the market, he rarely discusses Metaverse.