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Victim of 90 ETH Exploit Takes Action: Hacker Blacklisted, Recovery in Progress

A victim of a 90 ETH hack employs law enforcement and cybersecurity help to blacklist the hacker's Tether address, initiating a potential recovery of stolen funds.

🔒 A Hopeful Turnaround

After falling victim to a 90 ETH hack, an individual known as @l3yum on Twitter is on the path to reclaiming their losses. With the assistance of law enforcement and cybersecurity experts, the attacker's Tether address has been blacklisted, raising hopes of retrieving most of the stolen funds.

🛡️ Swift Action

The attack, which occurred on March 16, led to the theft of nearly $170K worth of NFTs and other assets from the victim's hot wallet. Yuga Labs-related NFTs and crypto assets from smaller projects were among the pilfered items. However, the tide turned as the victim collaborated with local police and cyber experts to blacklist the hacker's Ethereum-based USDT address.

🔗 A Ray of Recovery

The latest development indicates that the stolen funds held in USDT have been frozen and blacklisted. Although full reimbursement is yet to be confirmed, past cases involving similar situations have seen Tether burning the blacklisted USDT and reissuing the equivalent assets to the original owner.

💪 Fighting Back

The victim's determined efforts, coupled with legal channels and cybersecurity measures, have shown that the crypto community is committed to thwarting cybercriminals and supporting those affected by malicious attacks.

🚫 Stay Tuned

While the outcome remains to be seen, this story underscores the importance of security and collaboration within the crypto space. Let's stand united against hacking and ensure a safer digital environment! 💼🛡️ #CryptoSecurity #HackerRecovery #BlockchainResilience