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Vasil has been successfully launched on the Cardano testnet

Cardano Vasil hard fork launched on July 3 successfully on the testnet, which is a very important step for the future of the network. From its rollout on the testnet, developers, node operators, and exchanges will have four weeks to test and experiment with the update before it is released on the mainnet.

Once launched on the mainnet, the Vasil hard fork will enable faster block creation and greater scalability, which can be leveraged by decentralized applications (DApps) currently running on top of Cardano.

Input-Output Hong Kong (IOHK), the organization that manages the operation of Cardano, explained in a tweet that, beyond the performance improvements, developers would benefit from “greatly improved script performance and efficiency,” as well as lower overall costs, with commissions that will be almost zero.

Vasil will also enable interoperability between Cardano sidechains, this being one of the main features that the developers aim to achieve in the Basho phase; the fourth and current phase of development of Cardano, which focuses on scaling and which will be followed by Voltaire, whose main objective will be to develop and improve governance.