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Upcoming Bitcoin Forks of 2018.



Since the inception of Bitcoin in 2009 number of hard forks have been undertaken, let us try to enlighten ourselves with some of the upcoming Bitcoin forks.

Some of the preeminent and upcoming Bitcoin Forks.


Some of the major Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc are highly popular among the masses but they weren’t able to escape from the inherent drawbacks of Scalability and Security. Therefore, new cryptocurrencies were bought into the scenario, either by the creation of a new cryptocurrency or by the process of forking. Forking is nothing but making slight tweaks to the existing code of a particular cryptocurrency in order to reduce its bottlenecks and indirectly increase its efficiency. Let us know about Bitcoin Forking and the Upcoming Bitcoin Forks.


What is Forking?

Basically, they are of two types soft fork and hard fork. due to the scalability issues, the transaction fees of the Bitcoin blockchain with respect to the Bitcoin blockchain was skyrocketing and the users were experiencing massive delays in confirmation. Therefore, since the inception of Bitcoin in 2009 number of hard forks have been undertaken with Bitcoin blockchain and a similar trend is to continue in the future also.  


Some of the previous and upcoming Bitcoin Forks

Some of the most predominant Bitcoin forks existing in the crypto space are BitcoinXT and Bitcoin Classic which are considered to be highly unpopular among the other forks. However, two of the most notable Bitcoin forks are Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold. Some of the other unheard Bitcoin forks are as follows.

  1. Bitcoin Platinum
  2. Bitcoin Cash Plus
  3. Bitcoin Silver
  4. Bitcoin Uranium
  5. Bitcoin God

Now that we have gained insights of some of the previous Bitcoin forks now let us try to enlighten ourselves with some of the upcoming Bitcoin forks.


Anonymous Bitcoin

This particular Bitcoin fork, among many other upcoming Bitcoin forks, is intended to combine the best features of Proof of Work as well as Proof of Stake Consensus mechanisms through a collaboration between zk-SNARKs and Masternodes. Out of many upcoming Bitcoin forks, this one provides a facility for the miners as well as Masternodes to earn rewards along with the usual Staking mechanism. This technology is a result of efforts by the experts at MIT, as they were looking forward to improving the privacy for the Bitcoin transactions.


Bitcoin x2

Bitcoin X2 is one of the most notable Bitcoin forks out of many other upcoming Bitcoin forks in the year 2018. It is absolutely based on the original Bitcoin blockchain architectural structures but is deemed to increase the overall efficiency and as well as transaction speed by 200x, relative to the transaction speed of the original Bitcoin blockchain, in 2018.


Bitcoin Air

This particular Bitcoin fork prides itself to be extremely lightweight, transparent, as well as fastest in terms of providing be transactional confirmation among many other upcoming Bitcoin forks of 2018. Amazing attributes like atomic swap, segregated witness, along with the lightning network are to be incorporated by the community members to fulfil their promises.  they are also looking forward to the development of Side Chains exclusively for the merchants around the world.


Bitcoin Prime

This one, among many other upcoming Bitcoin forks, can be assumed as a joint mixture of Bitcoin as well as Prime Coin. They are expected to incorporate, a very intuitive Proof of Work Consensus mechanism with respect to the prime numbers only.


Bitcoin Zero(X)

Inspired by the Zerocoin protocol, the cryptocurrency project among many other upcoming Bitcoin forks combines the best features of ZeroCoin’s anonymity protocol along with the Masternodes. Mining for this one amongst many other effective upcoming Bitcoin forks would combine Proof of Work (PoW) and Masternode (BZnode) coin and the cryptocurrency mining process would be completely based on dependent on GPU mining rigs.


Bitcoin Hex

This is one of the most amazing Bitcoin forks among all the other upcoming Bitcoin forks as it combines the best features from the 2 topmost cryptocurrencies, that is, Bitcoin and Ethereum. The cryptocurrency coin incorporates the standard ERC20 protocol. The cryptocurrency coin easily collaborates with the decentralized exchanges as well as Atomic Swaps.


Bitcoin Dollar

Bitcoin dollar is the most awaited cryptocurrency project, among many other when compared to other upcoming Bitcoin forks, as it combines Artificial Intelligence on its Blockchain platform. It predominantly aims to provide the future companies, a platform in order to converge major technologies like AI, Cloud, IoT, Big Data, etc with the Blockchain technology.


Closing remarks

On a general basis, these upcoming Bitcoin forks are not healthy for the development of the community, as it develops a sense of stress and confusion among the community members.

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Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Great Week for the top 10



The current week has proved to be quite amazing for the cryptocurrency market as all major coins are holding green. The total cryptocurrency market rose by around $1.5 billion yesterday night with the price of bitcoin reaching $4100.



BTCUSD Price Chart

BTC/USD Weekly Price Chart

Bitcoin broke the $4000 resistance level on 17th March and has been over this range since then. Bitcoin has turned the previous resistance into strong support now and has moved upwards slowly currently trading around $4120 (according to Bitfinex chart) with around 1% increase in the last 24 hours. If bitcoin is able to maintain its position above $4100 range for long, it might soon move ahead towards the major long term resistances such as $4500 and $4600.



ETHUSD Weekly Chart

ETH/USD Weekly Chart

Ethereum also saw a nice bullish momentum this week after reaching the highest point of $143. Currently, Ethereum is trading nicely around $140 and is experiencing a few dips while trying to move upwards.

Unlike other top 10 coins, Ripple market is experiencing volatility from the last week but the momentum is still quite bullish.

LTCUSD Weekly Chart

LTCUSD Weekly Chart

Litecoin has been following trends and is steadily trading around $60 from the start of the week. Litecoin has increased more than 1.67% in the last 24 hours which makes it the best performing crypto of the day (in comparison with the top 10 cryptos according to market capitalization). LTC is currently trading around $61 (according to Bitfinex chart).


The overall cryptocurrency market is in a bullish momentum with sings of further gains. After a long bearish trend, cryptocurrency analysts are now believing that the bull market might be coming soon.

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Tom Lee: Bitcoin Bull Market Coming Soon



Tom Lee, the co-founder of Fundstrat Global has predicted that the price of bitcoin will likely experience a bullish run in the next 5 to 6 months.

Tom Lee, the co-founder of Fundstrat Global also known as the bitcoin bull has predicted that the price of bitcoin will likely experience a bullish run in the next 5 to 6 months. Lee predicted this during an interview with the CNBC. According to Lee, the 200 daily moving average is the number to keep in mind. If bitcoin is able to stay above $4000 till August this year, it will cross the 200 daily moving average and thus technically the overall chart would start to look bullish.

During the interview, he also mentioned that the future of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies lies on the fact of whether it becomes an asset class and bitcoin is still in the early days of becoming one. Although Tom Lee has been quite bullish about the price of bitcoin, Fundstrat had recently posted a warning that the cryptocurrency market might crash to a new bottom before actually starting a bull run.


Tom Lee on JP Morgan Coin:

In the interview, Lee also expressed his concerns regarding the recently launched JP Morgan Coin which is a stablecoin launched by the banking giant JP Morgan Chase. He said that things such as the JP Morgan Coin and Facebook Coin create use cases for cryptocurrencies and according to him, the JPM Coin is surely not a competitor to bitcoin as it is a stablecoin in nature.

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Alert: Bitcoin Breaks Record, Highest Hash Rate Since November 2018.



The hash rate of bitcoin which is the power that secures the bitcoin network has recorded the highest level yesterday (19th March) since last year November.  The Bitcoin hash rate passed over fifty-two quintillion hash per second in accordance with the data feed on


Bitcoin Hash Rate:

Bitcoin hash rate is the computation of the performance of bitcoin miners. In simpler terms, as the hash rate goes higher, the bitcoin network becomes more secure. It becomes more difficult to attack the bitcoin network as an attacker would need increased resources in order to attack the network. The increasing hash rate also depicts the increase in the number of bitcoin miners. As the BTC mining difficulty level is quite stable now, more and more miners are joining the bitcoin network. Although, the increasing hash rate would eventually result in an increase in the overall difficulty level.

bitcoin hash rate 19th march

Bitcoin hash rate 19th March 2019


The bitcoin network security is at its peak since November last year. The highest hash rate ever recorded has been around 62 quintillion hash per second in August last year. Looking at the current chart, it depicts that the hash rate might even cross this level in the coming time.


The increased hash rate also builds up confidence in the minds of the miners as it shows the overall security of the bitcoin network and thus predicting a secure future of the investment of the miners. Thus, overall, more and more miners are now joining the bitcoin mining network after a subsequent decrease last year which led to a lot of miners moving out of the mining business. Bitcoin price analysts believe that the hash rate of the network follows the price of bitcoin as it helps them in speculating the future price of BTC.


During last year’s bear market, the hash rate also fell drastically which led to a lot of miners shutting down and the mining equipment were being sold at waste prices. Now as the hash rate is rising, miners are again turning on their mining rigs and moving back to business. It is also worth examining that the current hash rate of the network is even more than the recorded hash rate in December 2017 when the price of BTC went up to $20,000.

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