Tron Price Prediction 2020, 2025, 2018 (TRX)

The brainchild of Justin Sun, TRON is a global platform that was introduced to help the content creators gain control over their content and help them get paid. TRX is the coin for TRON, which did wonder when it was launched and reached 11th position in the top cryptocurrencies list.


Launched by Justin Sun in 2017 and with its headquarters in San Francisco, California, TRON is a blockchain-based protocol and system. In 2018, the TRON mainnet was launched, which helped many users to create decentralized applications. TRON’s website has claimed that the platform can handle more than 2000 transactions per second.

Justin Sun is known for his bad habit of promoting a product lavishly and delivering disappointment. This time Justin Sun has announced that a new project is under development with BTFS. A project with BitTorrent is also coming for the users, and this will bring some significant changes to the blockchain community. With this announcement, the price of TRX and BTT increased by 20% and 10%.

Note: TRON is planning to buy its own TRX cryptocurrency in batches of approximately $20 million TRX per batch.

Currently, TRON (TRX) is trading at $0.014613 with support at $0.14200, and strong resistance can be seen near $0.014650. TRX has a market cap of $979,275,020, which puts in the 11th place in the top cryptocurrencies based on their market cap. In the past 24 hours, the coin has seen a decline of 1.82%.


What is TRON (TRX)?

TRON is a platform that was designed by Justin Sun with its native coin with the ticker TRX. The aim behind launching this blockchain platform and its coin was to help content publications and help them in getting their content published. This platform would help the content creators to share their content on platforms like YouTube and Facebook and have complete control over them.

TRON recently announced a piece of good news for the gaming development community as they launch a funding platform known as TRON ARCADE, with over $100 million available for funding. This platform would provide funding and support for the developers who are working in the direction of the development of blockchain-based games.


TRON market data

Tron’s native cryptocurrency TRX is currently ranked 14th with the market capitalization of over 1.65 billion US dollars. IT has a trading volume of well over $2 billion. Justin launched the TRON network back in 2017, setting up headquarters in San Francisco, California. The network has made a lot of progress in just a few years. 

Note: TRX has a circulating supply of 66 billion coins and a maximum supply of 99.3 billion coins.


TRON price history

TRON’s cryptocurrency TRX reached an all-time high of $0.231 on January 5, 2018. The price of TRX did not have a great year, but the blockchain network made some noticeable progress in 2019. Currently, TRX is changing hands at $0.0249 with a 24-hour trading volume of $2.8 billion. 

Note: TRX reached an all-time low at $0.0018 on November 12, 2017.


TRX price prediction

TRX coin prediction for 2020 is quite bullish as the Justin Sun-led network has made a lot of improvements in the last few months. Tron Foundation also announced several partnerships that could help spike the price of TRX. Tron price prediction for this year is that the coin is likely to reach $0.07 levels. Crypto regulations play a significant role in how the price of a cryptocurrency reacts to the market. Assuming that crypto regulations do not change drastically, TRX is likely to reach its all-time high this year. 

Note:  Justin Sun is also the CEO of BitTorrent. 


Tron price prediction

TRON entered the crypto industry with a bang as it had early success. The price of TRX recorded an all-time high of $0.231 in early January. Several had predicted that the price TRX would reach over a dollar by the end of the year, but it did not happen as the entire crypto market slumped down. 

Note: Justin Sun announced a partnership with the tech giant Samsung in 2019. 


Tron Coin (TRX) Price Prediction by the market

1. CoinTame

CoinTame predicted that the price would reach $0.633 by 2019 and will reach $1 by the end of 2020.


2. InvestingPR

InvestingPR has predicted that the price will reach $0.430 by 2019 and will head towards $1 and reach there in the next five years.


3. Jiomobilephone1500

This crypto price prediction website with a strange name has predicted that the price of TRX will reach $0.090 by 2019 and head towards $0.60 in 2020.


4. WalletInvestor

WalletInvestor predicted a bearish trend to hit the coin, taking the price to $0.0035 in 2019.


5. CryptoGround

CryptoGround predicted that the price of TRX reaches $0.04 levels by the end of 2019, which sounds a bit realistic.


6. AtomicWallet

AtomicWallet is a crypto wallet service provider and prediction platform that suggested that price will reach the positive levels of $0.5 by 2019.


Coinnounce’s Tron (TRX) Price Prediction

With just two years of its launch, TRON has managed to prove its worth by reaching the 11th position in the crypto market. It has completed the journey of moving up from 56th position a few months back. With the stats giving us the idea of its popularity, we can expect the TRON price to reach $0.025 by 2019.


TRON Price Prediction 2020

With current trends in the market and the bearish dominance, TRON’s price is predicted to go against it and reach the level of $0.030 by early 2020, and the price can further climb towards the $0.07 level.

However, there are chances of downward correction as well, which can further take the price downwards towards $0.0100 level. By December 2020, TRX will see a decline again.

Note: With the purchase of $20 million worth of TRX coins, the company is planning to unlock its holdings held by the TRON Foundation on 1st January 2020.


TRON Price Prediction 2025

A community that is full of developers, including the founder himself, who is a crypto enthusiast, TRON has a great future in the coming years. With TRON’s growth record, the price can reach the $0.6-$0.8 level and even head towards $1 by the end of 2025.

This, however, is only possible if the community keeps growing and the cryptocurrencies get support from the government as well. The current response of the government towards the cryptocurrency market is questionable.

Note: The reason behind the success of TRON is the support of Asian businessmen like Tang Binseng (creator of Clash of Kings), Dai Wei (founder of CFO, cycling company), Yin Mingshan (CEO of Lifan) and others.


TRON Price Prediction 2018

TRX made a place for itself in the market as a new promising digital currency. TRX’s price in 2018 reached an all-time high of $0.0935 after a few months of its launch. People saw the potential and predicted the price would reach higher with time to $1 by the end of 2018.

However, things changed when the price started declining after the second quarter, and by the end of 2018, the price reached $0.0191.

Note: TRON held an ICO from August 2017 to September 2017, where they sold TRX worth $70 million.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Will TRON (TRX) price go up in 2020?

With the 11th position in the crypto market, the price of TRON is expected to surge towards $0.030 in 2020. The nature of the market is volatile, and the price can fluctuate.


2. Will TRON ever reach $10?

$10 is a high level for TRX, as it is currently trading at $0.014. In a few years, the price can reach $10 as its adoption rate is increasing.


3. How many TRX coins are there?

With 66.1 billion coins in circulation, the maximum supply of TRX coins is 99.3 billion.


4. Can TRX coins be mined?

No, the TRON (TRX) coins cannot be mined as all the coins are already existing in the market.


5. Is TRX a good investment?

If the price of TRX coin reaches close to what it was in 2018, and move further from there, then TRX will be considered a good investment. The market is slowly gaining popularity, and we can expect a good future for TRX.



In just two years of its launch, TRON TRX has reached several milestones proving its worth to the crypto market and enthusiasts. This makes TRX a decent coin to invest in as the experts have predicted the price will rise in a few years.

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