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Title: Debt Box Challenges SEC's Bid for Dismissal, Alleges Strategic Maneuver

Debt Box contests the SEC's motion to dismiss the enforcement action, alleging strategic maneuvering. The crypto project accuses the SEC of attempting to evade sanctions and potentially refile the case without misconduct allegations.


DEBT Box, a crypto project, has contested the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)'s attempt to dismiss the enforcement action against it. The move by Debt Box comes amidst allegations of strategic maneuvering by the SEC to evade sanctions and potentially reinitiate the case without misconduct allegations.

Allegations of Strategic Maneuvering:

In its filing, Debt Box portrayed the SEC's motion to dismiss as a strategic tactic aimed at avoiding possible sanctions and a permanent dismissal due to alleged misconduct. The SEC had submitted a motion in January, stating its intent to evaluate the evidence in the case and understand the factors that led to initial inaccurate statements by its legal representatives.

Debt Box's Response:

Debt Box argued that the SEC's readiness to dismiss the case without prejudice is a strategic ploy to evade sanctions and potentially file a revised version of the enforcement action free from misconduct allegations. The defendants emphasized that the SEC's move seeks special treatment in federal courts compared to the entities it regulates. They highlighted the SEC's dissatisfaction with mere promises of team restructuring or additional ethics training when accused businesses mislead investors.

The response from Debt Box follows the SEC's acknowledgment of making inaccurate statements in late December. Utah U.S. District Court Judge Robert Shelby criticized the SEC's lawyers for misrepresenting the situation and directed the agency to clarify "false or misleading" statements. The SEC then altered its legal representation, committed to internal training, and sought temporary dismissal for an internal review.

Request for Hearing Proceeding:

Debt Box also requested that the scheduled hearing on March 7 proceed as planned, despite the SEC's request for cancellation. The case involves allegations of defrauding investors by selling unregistered securities in the form of software licenses claiming to mine digital assets linked to real-world industries.


As the legal battle ensues between Debt Box and the SEC, the crypto project remains steadfast in challenging the bid for dismissal, alleging strategic maneuvering by the regulatory body.