This broadcasting platform claims to promote freedom of speech for journalists and writers

With every passing decade, the traditional model of media business has been changing. With the arrival of digital media, many publishers assumed that the model would survive and cover up the losses from print. But patterns of expenditure prove otherwise. The investment in the digital advertisement had been increased, but Google and Facebook have captured the growth.

The podcast industry is also booming. It is an excellent opportunity for journalists and writers to connect with the audience and tell their story via the audio medium. PodMiners is such a platform, promoting freedom of speech. The company has launched the initial version of the platform. According to the resources, the platform is in beta test mode and is available to use for free.



A statement from the Chairman and Co-Founder of PodMiners, Anish Chauhan quoted,

“The podcasts and audio information is easy to consume, hence, can be added as a serious contender for journalism and information sharing shortly. Media persons can use PodMiners to reach their listeners through their podcasts and live to broadcast. Creating and publishing podcasts with PodMiners is extremely easy and economical. Along with publishing the pre-recorded shows, we’ve also added the live streaming and live to call features to the platform. We are working to integrate many more features and will have more updates very soon.”

As American journalism struggles with severe cuts, reduced attention spans, and flickering media trust, podcasts find new audiences with their combination of news, commentaries, and stories. PodMiners claims to be a bonanza for journalism. By implementing Blockchain, it will be a transparent ecosystem for all those who want their voice to be heard.

Not all journalists earn well. For most of the reporters of traditional newspapers and magazines, earnings depend on their content. Through podcasting, they can not only make good earnings but also create their brand. According to the resources, PodMiners will soon integrate the advertisement model to the platform, which will allow the podcasters to earn through advertisements.

According to the sources, there are several features in the queue, which will help the content creators, listeners, and even the advertisers to experience the amazing things on this platform which no-one else provides. PodMiners, as stated, is a revolutionary platform which will make a significant impact on the billions of dollars Radio and Podcasting market.

It looks like PodMiners is a boon to the independent media publishers as well as individuals. The Blockchain and it’s smart contract integration will make the platform more transparent, and users will be the part of a transparent ecosystem.