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The top 10 richest cryptocurrency millionaires



The unpredictability of the cryptocurrency market has spawned the richest cryptocurrency millionaires over the period of few months.

Fortuitous and richest cryptocurrency millionaires of the cosmos.   

Opening remarks

The cryptocurrency market is most often compared to the traditional stock market, but the only difference is that cryptocurrencies are completely digital and online. There is no physical existence of currency, in the case of cryptocurrencies. As the cryptocurrencies are in their developmental stages, initiated in 2009 with the Inception of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency market is highly unpredictable. This unpredictability of the market has spawned the richest cryptocurrency millionaires over the period of few months.


Below is the list of top 10 richest cryptocurrency millionaires.


1. Chris Larsen

Chris Larsen, Founder, and CEO of Ripple top the list with over $7.5 – 8 billion net worth. He founded Ripple in 2012, which became the sorted protocol, for many major financial institutions, as it effectively improved the overall functioning through it’s Real Time Gross Settlement system. Chris Larsen was a major stakeholder in Ripple after co-founding some of the other prominent financial firms like E- Loan and Palo Alto funding group.


2. Joseph Lubin

Joseph Lubin, The Canadian entrepreneur and the co-founder of Ethereum network stand second on the richest cryptocurrency list with over $1 – 5 billion of crypto net worth. Apart from being the founder of a 600 employee based mammoth software firm named, ConsenSys. He is also one of the masterminds behind the Ethereum project, along with a major stakeholder, with which he grabbed a billion-dollar fortune.


3. Changpeng Zhao

Changpeng Zhao, The CEO of Binance, the world’s most popular and largest cryptocurrency exchange.  Prior to entering his entrepreneurial venture, he was a coder. It is estimated that within a year the cryptocurrency exchange was able to attract 6 million users from all over the globe. The exchange, which was originally founded in China, had to move its operations to Malta, considering the Crypto ban in the country.


4. Tyler Winklevoss and Cameron Winklevoss

Tyler Winklevoss and Cameron Winklevoss, The twin brothers have been in a constant controversy with Facebook and are estimated to hold $900 million to $1.1 billion worth of crypto each. However, it is rumored that the settlement amount which they received from Facebook regarding the closure of the lawsuit was invested in the Crypto field which in turn rendered them to become overnight millionaires.


5. Matthew Mellon

Matthew Mellon, Estimated to have been worth $900 million to $1 billion, died at the age of 54 in Mexico. The reason being, consumption of a hallucinogenic drug at a rehabilitation center in April 2018. He is probably the only richest millionaire who is not related to any huge Crypto institutions.


6. Brian Armstrong

Brian Armstrong, Founder and CEO of another most popular cryptocurrency Exchange, Coinbase, has around $900 million – $1 billion net worth in crypto. The Entrepreneur cum actor has enacted in ‘ The rise and fall of Bitcoin.’ The San Francisco based Coinbase was founded in 2012 and currently serves almost 32 different countries around the globe.


7. Matthew Roszak

Matthew Roszak, Standing 7th in the top richest crypto millionaires,  Matthew is well known for finding companies like Bloq and Tally. The crypto millionaire considers himself to be highly fortunate and early to invest in the cryptocurrencies. Also popular as ‘Matt’, he is worth $900 million to $1 billion.


8. Anthony Di Iorio

Anthony Di Iorio, One of the most influential persons in the crypto space, apart from being the co-founder of Ethereum, stands at 8th position in the list of top richest crypto millionaires. With $750 million – $1 billion worth in crypto. The evangelist has also founded companies like Jaxx and Decentral.


9. Brock Pierce

Brock Pierce, One of the key members in the EOS project, which managed to raise the maximum amounts of funds in 2017 during its ICO. His designation was shifted towards, as a Chief strategy officer in March 2018, later which he willingly resigned from it. As a child, one of the richest crypto millionaires was an actor.


10. Michael Novogratz

Michael Novogratz, The CEO of Galaxy Digital and an ex-hedge fund manager is last on the list of top richest crypto millionaires. With $700million – $1 billion of estimated worth, he assumes himself as ‘The Forrest Gump of Bitcoin.’


Closing thoughts

Almost each and every single Crypto enthusiast would remember December 2017, throughout their life, when the price of Bitcoin had reached a staggering $20,000. This incident is enough to showcase the uncertainty of the Crypto market. This incident alone had given rise to a number of richest millionaires, a post which the institutional investors along with the venture capitalist have jumped on to the investment bandwagon in order to shell out some money


Beryllium Bullet: The New Monero XMR Fork Explained



Monero (XMR) forked effectively on 18th of October 2018 called Beryllium Bullet, the network has seen no significant hiccups up until now.

Monero (XMR) forked effectively on 18th of October 2018, and the network has seen no significant hiccups up until now. This release is not normal for the typical ones that endeavor to stay aware of deflecting ASIC miners. The release, called “Monero 0.13.0 “Beryllium Bullet,” incorporates a critical upgrade of the network’s protocol through the presentation of bulletproofs.

Beryllium Bullet: Monero Fork

The enhanced protocol takes into consideration more grounded privacy, less expensive and quicker transactions, and more noteworthy ASIC miner resistance.


Bulletproof is a special component among digital assets, in any event among huge top networks. It gives clients more privacy by concealing the quantity of coins that they send in transactions. The technology executes new logarithmic math with the end goal to check transactions.


The redesigned protocol likewise brings substantially less expensive transactions fees and snappier transactions. As the group’s blog refresh states:

“With our current range proofs, the exchange is around 13.2 kB in size. On the off chance that I utilized single-yield bulletproofs, the exchange lessens in size to just around 2.5 kB! This is, roughly, an 80% decrease in the size of the transaction, which at that point means an 80% decrease in fees also. The space funds are far and away superior with different output proofs. This speaks to a huge diminishing in the size of the transactions. Further, our underlying testing demonstrates that an opportunity to check a bulletproof is lower than for the current range proofs, which means faster blockchain approval.”


Another symptom is happening also: XMR miners are revealing that mining difficulty has dropped steeply since the fork. The blockchain’s ledger will now likewise require significantly less hard disk space. In general, the form is a monstrous update that enables Monero to remain the best privacy coin.


Monero developers firmly suggest that everybody overhaul their wallets and hubs on the off chance that they haven’t done as such as of now, as running the old variant could lose transactions.


Monero’s for quite some time held objective is for all clients to mine the coin, not just makers or mining farms that have the assets to toss around colossal hashing power, as has occurred on the Bitcoin network. Along these lines, normal clients can remain profitable with GPU and CPU chips. Monero developers conceded to semi-annual network overhauls and changes to the Proof-of-Work (PoW) work with the end goal to remain one stage in front of ASIC producers. The present fork proceeds with that fighting.

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#Cardano Price Analysis

ADA Daily Trading Signals: 19 October



ADA Price is below the two EMAs with the stochastic oscillator signal pointing down at 43%. This implies further downward movement within the range.

Dominant bias for CARDANO (ADA) – Ranging

Resistance Levels- $0.08800, $0.09000, $0.09200

Support Level-$0.07000, $0.06800. $0.06600


ADA is in a range-bound market   The loss in bullish momentum at $0.08091 in the resistance area for the continued upward journey after the retest gradually set the bears back in the market. The doji opening candle of 18th October at $0.08001 followed by the bearish hammer confirmed the bears’ takeover. ADAUSD was initially down to $0.07752. Increased bears pressure pushed the cryptocurrency further down to $0.07537 in the support area as ADAUSD enters the range.

ADA Price is below the two EMAs with the stochastic oscillator signal pointing down at 43%. This implies further downward movement within the range.


ADA 4-hour chart

ADA 4-hour chart


ADA is in consolidation and trading between $0.08050 in the upper supply area and at $0.07200 in the lower demand area of the range. A breakout at the upper resistance area or breakdown at the lower support area may occur hence patience is required for either to happen. Confirmation with good reversal candles after retest will be of great importance.

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#Daily Price Analysis

XRP Daily Trading Signals: October 19



Dominant bias for XRP – Bullish

Resistance Levels- 0.6000 $0.6500, $0.7000

Support Level-$0.3500, $0.3000. $0.2500


XRP had a temporary drawdown which is a plus to the cryptocurrency on its journey to the moon. The bullish opening of 18th October at $0.4832 expected to push the price of XRP up showed exhaustion as the candle closes with a wick. This returned the bears to market.  The bears’ pressure was strong as XRPUSD initially down to $0.4719. With increased bearish momentum, the cryptocurrency went further down to $0.4560 in the support area as the trading session runs to a close

Apparently, the pullback was necessary for the market correction before uptrend continuation. The retracement was within the 50.0 fib level a trend reversal zone. The implication is that the bulls still lurk in the market and a strong comeback may occur sooner than expected. Moreover, the broken diagonal line in the Fibonacci is another great tool. Each time price touches it, it bounces off it. A bounce may also be expected if price makes a touch at it before going up.


XRP 4-hour chart

XRP 4-hour chart


The 200 EMA is seen acting as a strong support for bullish movement as XRP price lies above it. The stochastic oscillator signal points down at 32% which suggest minor downward price movement may occur before uptrend continuation.

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