Steve Bannon believes cryptocurrencies have a big future

Former White House Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon in a recent interview to CNBC said that he thinks cryptocurrencies have a big future and could play a crucial part going forward, particularly in this global populist revolt. Bannon, who was chief strategist for President Trump for the first seven months of tenure, has shared his opinion about cryptocurrencies, which is quite the opposite of Trump’s view.

Banon claimed that he invested in bitcoin when the price was low in 2018 and has yielded rewards for believing in the cryptocurrency.

Steve Bannon worked as Chief Strategist for Trump for 7 months

Steve Banon also added that Central banks and the banking industry want to “stay with government-backed currency,” so it’s no surprise that they want to regulate the cryptocurrencies. Even though he shares a different opinion from Trump on cryptocurrencies, he said he still supports the president. Bannon also acknowledged that some countries are using this payment service to get pass dollar in order to trade globally. He mentioned how ┬áChinese and Third World countries in sub-Saharan Africa, in South Asia, are setting up these payment systems that could potentially give them global dominance.

A CNBC reporter who was staying in a Beijing’s hotel later tweeted a video where it can be seen that when the reporter asks Bannon about the ongoing Honk Kong-China conflict the screen goes black and resumes with another part of the interview. Even though it is not clear how the interview was interrupted, but it is speculated that this might have happened because of the increasing censorship in China related to the Hong Kong conflict.

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