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Starknet Resolves Issues, Announces Upcoming STRK Token Airdrop for Immutable X and ETH Pool Stakers

Starknet addresses issues with its STRK token airdrop, allowing eligible Immutable X users and ETH pool stakers to claim tokens in the upcoming round starting next month.

Starknet, the Ethereum layer-2 blockchain, has addressed issues related to its recent STRK token airdrop, ensuring that eligible Immutable X users and pooled ETH stakers can claim their tokens in the next airdrop round scheduled for next month.

The Starknet Foundation has rectified a wallet address mix-up and resolved difficulties in airdropping tokens to ETH pool stakers. The foundation has confirmed that eligible users can begin claiming their STRK tokens in April.

A list provided by Immutable X initially caused confusion, as it inaccurately categorized many Immutable X users as VeVe users. This mix-up was crucial, as VeVe users do not have access to their private keys, which are needed for the claims process. Starknet has now fixed the list, allowing eligible Immutable X users who conducted eight or more transactions before June 1, 2022, to claim their airdrop.

Starknet also addressed issues faced by pooled ETH stakers, ensuring that staking protocols can now airdrop STRK tokens to eligible users. Some staking protocols have already provided Starknet with a list of users eligible for the airdrop, set to begin in April.

This update follows Starknet's recent adjustments to its token unlock schedule in February, aimed at preventing large token dumps by early contributors and investors. Despite criticism and challenges, Starknet remains committed to ensuring a fair and accessible distribution of STRK tokens.

Starknet's efforts to resolve airdrop issues demonstrate its commitment to transparency and fairness. With the upcoming airdrop, eligible Immutable X users and pooled ETH stakers can look forward to claiming their STRK tokens, marking another step forward for the Starknet ecosystem.