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Starknet Launches Gaming Committee with $125M Allocation

Starknet Foundation allocates $125.5 million for gaming initiatives, while NFT prices fall despite ETH's rise. Kevin Rose sells $1.3 million in NFTs, citing belief in crypto's outperformance. Nissan digitizes old cars for a metaverse, and Bitcoin halving could boost NFT prices.

The Starknet Foundation, the organization behind Ethereum layer-2 blockchain Starknet, has established a Gaming Committee aimed at bolstering gaming on the network. The committee has set aside $125.5 million worth of tokens for funding gaming initiatives.

Driving Gaming Ecosystem

The Gaming Committee's primary role is to analyze, strategize, and recommend programs to expand Starknet's gaming ecosystem. It plans to achieve this by incentivizing developers to create games on Starknet and encouraging players to engage with these games. Key metrics for success include daily active users, retention rates, and revenue.

Committee Members and Goals

The committee comprises six members, including Starknet's developer relations head Henri Lieutaud, Unstoppable Games founder Chris Lexmond, and Focus Tree co-founder Gabin Marignier. Their goal is to drive adoption and usage of gaming applications on Starknet.

NFT Prices Decline Despite ETH Surge

In other news, the prices of top non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have dropped, even as the price of Ether (ETH) has risen to two-year highs. Despite ETH's price increase of around 5% to over $4,000, ETH-denominated floor prices for several top NFT collections on Blur, an NFT marketplace, have fallen.

Crypto Creator Sells $1.3M in NFTs

Kevin Rose, co-creator of Moonbirds NFT collection, has sold over $1.3 million worth of NFTs, citing his belief that "crypto will outperform" them. Rose has been trimming his NFT collection, stating that he believes mass adoption of NFTs is still far off.

Other Developments

Automaker Nissan has digitized some of its old cars into a metaverse to educate on traffic safety, incorporating minigames on a driver's field-of-view and steering wheel spin. Additionally, there is speculation that the upcoming Bitcoin halving, which reduces mining rewards, could lead to a surge in NFT prices as interest in Bitcoin spills over into the NFT world.