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Stake Crypto Gambling Site Hit by $16M Suspicious Withdrawals, Possible HACK Alert!

Crypto gambling site Stake faced suspicious withdrawals totaling $16 million, raising concerns of a possible hack. Large amounts of Tether and Ether were transferred to an account with no prior activity, prompting questions about potential security breaches.

Crypto gambling platform Stake experienced an unusual series of withdrawals totaling $16 million on September 4th, raising concerns of a possible hack. Security platform Cyvers Alerts flagged these transactions as "suspicious." The withdrawals were made to an account with no prior activity, which has been labeled " Hacker" on Etherscan, suggesting a potential stolen private key.

Large and Suspicious Withdrawals


Blockchain data revealed significant withdrawals from contracts to the alleged attacker's account. The first transfer consisted of around $3.9 million in Tether (USDT) stablecoin. Following that, two transactions moved approximately $9.8 million worth of Ether (ETH). The attacker continued to drain funds, taking USD Coin and Dai stablecoins, along with Stake Classic (STAKE) tokens. Cyvers estimated the total value of drained crypto at $16 million.

Distribution and Stake Platform

Distribution of Funds

After withdrawing the funds, the attacker dispersed them to multiple accounts. As of now, Stake has not released any official statement addressing the suspicious withdrawals.

Stake Gambling Platform

Stake is a cryptocurrency gambling protocol offering various casino games, dice games, and sports betting options.

Similar Incidents in 2023

This isn't the first instance in 2023 where crypto gambling sites have faced potential security breaches. In July, payments provider Alphapo experienced $31 million in suspicious withdrawals. Alphapo was utilized by several crypto gambling platforms, including Hypedrop, Bovada, and Ignition.