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Stablecoin issuer Tether will launch GPBT

Tether, the developer of the fixed-price cryptocurrency USDT, is preparing to announce a new fixed-price cryptocurrency. The name of this new cryptocurrency, which will be fixed to the pound price, will be GBPT.

Fixed-price cryptocurrencies, considered the safest in the cryptocurrency market, are in great demand. A new one will be added to these cryptocurrencies, which many investors prefer, especially during the decline period.

Tether, which develops the fixed-price crypto money we know as USDT, is preparing to announce another fixed-price crypto money. The price of this cryptocurrency will be fixed at $1.22, and the name will be GBPT.

GBPT will initially operate on the ETHEREUM blockchain network. It was stated that GBPT might also operate in other Blockchain networks according to demand.

Tether CTO Paolo Ardoino made the following statement on the subject :

“We hope to lead the innovation by providing cryptocurrency users worldwide access to a GBP-nominated stablecoin issuer. Tether is ready and willing to work with UK regulators to make this goal a reality and looks forward to continued adoption of Tether stablecoins.”