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Solana Developers Extend Trace Of Attack To Slope

Solana was recently the victim of a hack. The team shared the source of the addresses affected by the attack. The developers speculate that the vulnerability in Solana is caused by Slope. The Slope is wallet software that claims to store wallets’ private keys in plain text on a central server.

The developers behind the Solana blockchain said the closed-source Slope wallet might be responsible for an ongoing exploit that has resulted in the theft of millions of dollars worth of crypto from more than 9,000 hot wallets. The ecosystem team and security auditors continue to investigate in depth.

The Solana Attack Was Not About The Kernel Code, But Because Of The Software Wallet

The attack stole at least $6 million tokens from Slope and Phantom Wallet users. On the second day of the attack, the Twitter account linked to the blockchain marketers revealed the wallets’ software, causing Slope and Phantom wallet users to lose $6 million.

More than $6 million has been withdrawn from online wallets so far. The developers stressed that only “a group of wallets” were compromised.

The amount stolen so far has occurred in unsuspecting hot wallets, which are wallets whose keys are stored online rather than on a hardware device. In a statement, the developers of Slope said that “a bunch of wallets” had been compromised.