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Snoop Dogg continues to expand his entries into NFTs

Famous American Rapper has submitted two NFTs, and US Trademark Office trademark registration attorney Mike Kondoudis posted on social media that rapper Snoop Dogg filed NFT and Metaverse-related trademark applications for UNCLE SNOOP and UNCLE SNOOP’s covering clothing/headwear/footwear, NFT and digital Collectibles Market, etc.

Notably, if the application is approved, the musician can also offer smoking articles, pre-rolled hemp cigarettes, energy drinks NFT tokens linking to digital or physical products. (1)

Since the advent of NFTs and the metaverse, Snoop Dogg has followed the field closely. Dogg is known to own Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs.

At the same time, the famous rapper collaborates with projects such as Ethereum-based The Sandbox and Clay Nation on Cardano. We will see how Dogg implements these trademark applications in the future.