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The parallel universe market of Metaverse Domains:

To win the race to the web3 optimized metaverse, register your first NFT domain on with Top-Level Domains like .meta (1) is the unique methodology rather known as the market that helps you create a metaverse domain for your NFT that will land you in the parallel universe of Metaverse.

Metaverse, NFTs, and all these new concepts might be bouncers for some. The revolutionary Metaverse and to exist on it have been a new concept for many, just like cryptocurrency.

But, you are not late, unlike cryptocurrency. Rather you are on time as you are reading this now.

The introduction to Metaverse is like back in the 70s or 80s when new inventions started revolutionalizing the ecosystem and boosting technological advancements.

But the easiest way for you to exist on the Metaverse is via (2), wherein you can buy a domain for your NFT that will create a base of your property with the rightful ownership to you in the Metaverse.

Let’s not rush and move step by step by first understanding the term “Metaverse.”



Before we understand the metaverse domain and the advancing tools, we must know start with the basics, just how they teach us at schools.

Schools were boring with less knowledge (to be honest), but this meta-boring Metaverse will get you updated and fast with extremely advanced sci-fi knowledge.

By now, you might have heard of Mark Zuckerberg‘s revolutionary Meta (3), a decentralized art gallery that revolutionalized investments aka NFT (4), and rather famous live concerts in the Fortnite universe (5).

This is a revolution: Metaverse, the internet of tomorrow.

What exactly is Metaverse?

Metaverse has been floating everywhere in all sectors of the universe, be it gaming, trading, or entertainment. This term was coined by Neal Stephenson in his 1992 sci-fi novel “Snow Crash” (6).

In this book, he describes the Metaverse as a universe that operates digitally parallel to the material world. But it’s 2022, and scientists are still unaware of what Metaverse could result in the future.

Experts often claim Metaverse is a 3D module of the internet. It is a parallel universe wherein you have your 3D figure of yourself that resembles you in the digital world.

You can spend your time in the digital world, play games, attend live concerts, and even trade and play. You interact with other avatars in the virtual world and can spend most of your time on the Metaverse.

Metaverse is not just a game.

Unlike a major game like Fortnite that replicates the metaverse technology, you have your 3D avatar and play around with the Fortnite maps and lands.

Metaverse might be virtual, but it is obliged with copyrights and existing domains.

It is a parallel universe; even though you might not be physically inside, your avatar is living the life for you.

You can buy lands, shop, and even marry in the Metaverse. It is the physical world but virtually. It is real but also not real.

Do you need VR to be on Metaverse?

Certainly, many VR games or applications allow you to live in the virtual world. Also, games like Fortnite, Roblox, and many others make it harder to agree on, but you don’t require a VR to exist on the Metaverse.

You not fully can be in the Metaverse but passively be in it as we regularly have smartphones in our hands. Smartphones, tablets, or computers are primary devices to access the Metaverse.

You are not going wrong; you can access it on any form. But you know what, without a VR, you are missing out on the reality and the key aspects of a metaverse. But as long as you have a smartphone and access to the internet, you exist on the Metaverse.

What is the purpose of the Metaverse?

Metaverse also is said to give a boost to the world economy.

Metaverse has been symbolized as a major tool for advancing digital currency and its value. The parallel world will require its parallel currency for the purchases, right? Cryptocurrency and NFT are the major assets for the metaverse purchase and exchange.

NFT is a major aspect that introduced Metaverse to the world. Can you buy an NFT and get yourself on the Metaverse? Yes. NFT are also your VISA to enter the Metaverse.

So what is NFT?

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a digital certificate that resembles ownership over a unique design or a digital asset. NFTs are interchangeable, but the value of each asset differs according to the market value.

Also, understand that there cannot be two same NFTs, which is the quality that replicates its uniqueness and growing popularity in the 21st century.

You might have seen some famous people buying pictures of apes; those are NFTs. NFTs are digital assets or investments which also states in supporting emerging digital artists.

On the other hand, you can call NFT a gateway to the Metaverse.

So can anyone create an NFT and step foot into Metaverse?

Well, partially, yes. Anyone can sure create their NFT and land on the Metaverse. But there are also some terms and conditions before creating an NFT.

It would help if you made sure the design you create is unique and not used or created by anyone else, and the name you can is also fresh. Once you get everything fresh and new, it is now time for you to purchase a domain for your NFT.

Purchasing a domain creates a legal proprietorship over the NFT you created by minting it on the marketplace. But where can you mint? (7) is the marketplace for all NFT communities and those new to the Metaverse. is the place where you can purchase a metaverse domain that will help you exist on the Metaverse.

But before digging more into, let me tell you first about the Metaverse domain.

What is Metaverse Domain?


Everything on the web needs a domain that makes it easier for the audience to identify the product or the website.

Just like (8), google is the sub-domain, and the top-level domain is .com, which identifies google on the web and makes it easier for people to remember.

Metaverse domains are like that, which explain or tag your NFT with rightful ownership and web existence. NFT domains are web extensions available on the public blockchains, which also creates readability to other users.

NFT domains are stored in your digital wallet like cryptocurrency (9). It becomes easier to remember huge wallet addresses than a domain name. Where will you find a domain for your NFT?, Yes.

So, what exactly is

Identifying the marketplace for NFTs to get a domain has always been tough. A few offers, but the one that came out to be a hit among the NFT community was (10).

The parallel universe market lets you sell, buy or ever market your NFTs alongside a metaverse domain. It includes sub-domains paired alongside top-level domains, aka TLD, created by Quik.

Quick note; these TLDs are not associated with ICANN (11) and only hold their value in the Quik ecosystem. Once you purchase the NFT domain, you won’t be charged with any renewal for your NFT or its domain, but you will forever stay the rightful owner.

Now, let me tell you about the top-level domains on tomorrow’s internet, aka Metaverse, available on

What are the top-level domains on

Before it is too late, make sure you land on the Metaverse and not miss out on the opportunity, or else you will be left back as it happened with cryptocurrency. People ignored Bitcoin before and later realized how big of a mistake they made.

Just like that, now is a chance and rather better opportunity for you to exist on the Metaverse with the help of and not be left back again. has introduced several top-level domains for your NFTs to land on the Metaverse. The NFT domain you mint on reserves all the rights of ownership to you, allowing you to move from web 2.0 to web 3.0.

The Top-level domains includes .metaverse, .vr, .chain, .address, .i, .bored, .doge, .shib, .btc and .web3. Understand these domains have its own unique value inside the quik ecosystem.

Each name is unique as there can be no copies; you can only mint it once. But once you do, you get access to 5% sales royalty for that particular name being used anywhere. The usage of your NFT domain varies on the quick ecosystem and its technological advancements.

Minting your NFT domain

First, you will be required to connect your digital wallet to the meta wallet. So that all your transactions and trade are well secured in your database. The metaverse domain you will purchase sure requires a meta wallet to be connected.

Minting your NFT domain is nothing but uploading it on the blockchain by your wallet, giving you full authority and making it decentralized.

So here is how you can mint your domain on

  • Sign Up to (12) using your meta mask wallet (13).
  • Go to any domain you wish to have, such as .metaverse, etc., and search for the name on the tab available to check the availability of your name.
  • If the name is available, directly purchase it from the drop-down menu, which will eventually mint your domain.
  • Once all is set, approve the transaction on your meta mask wallet.
  • Once the purchase is made, your mint will appear on your Quik profile.

The debate over Blockchain Domain vs. Traditional Domain

The .com domain has existed for a long time but buying this traditional domain can get expensive in 2022. This asset class varies from 20 to 100+ US Billion Dollars.

This domain has sure gotten a successful business tool for many businesses. However, this traditional model has sold over 200+ million domains costing millions of dollars alongside multiple extensions.

You might think it would be difficult for the blockchain domain to compete with a well-established traditional domain. But the new domain technology comes with multiple perks and is the biggest digital asset.

NFT domains are easy to purchase with flexible rates, easy accessibility, and censorship resistance, which is the major quality that departs significantly from the traditional domain.

While traditional domains were mainly used for business purposes, on the other hand, blockchain domains are developed and built with applications suitable for businesses and also for individual purposes.

The DNS system’s centralized nature might fall under a public blockchain in the future. NFT blockchain might soon be the first choice for every individual or business.

The NFT domains are based on the Ethereum blockchain, but Quik plans to introduce other blockchains soon.

Are you late?

Now that you understand the concept of the Metaverse, the NFT domain, and how is revolutionalizing the entry into the Metaverse.

You are not late. Now is the time for you to start up with your own creative NFT and get yourself landed on the Metaverse.

As mentioned above, has multiple domains available for you to purchase. So think about what domain your character matches and start analyzing the NFT marketplaces.

You have everything served on; all you need is a unique design to step foot into the NFT community.

Also, now that you are this far on this article, you are no longer new to Metaverse, NFT, and NFT domains. You have already stepped into the Metaverse; all you need is just a push to build your permanent existence in it.

Also, Welcome to the internet of tomorrow!