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Shrapnel Cracks Down on Unfair Gameplay Tactics, Threatens Permanent Bans

Shrapnel, a blockchain game, cracks down on unfair gameplay tactics like teaming and account sharing, warning of permanent bans. The move aims to ensure fair play as the game prepares for its full launch.

Shrapnel, a blockchain-based extraction shooter game, has issued a stern warning against users employing unfair tactics to gain an advantage in the game. The company has identified instances of "teaming" and "account sharing," strategies used by players to manipulate their rankings on the Shrapnel STX leaderboard.

Unfair Gameplay Tactics

Teaming involves players coordinating their queues to target other players, particularly impacting solo players. Account sharing, on the other hand, allows multiple users to access the same player account from different devices, giving them an unfair advantage.

Strong Response from Shrapnel

Shrapnel has made it clear that any form of manipulation or violation of the game's terms of use will not be tolerated. Users found engaging in these activities will be removed from the current STX leaderboard and could face permanent bans from the game.

Community Concerns and Response

While some community members have expressed concerns about the impact on guilds and communities that prefer team matches, Shrapnel clarified that they are targeting only those who are unfairly coordinating to climb the leaderboard. Players who are legitimately playing with friends will not be affected.

Looking Ahead

As Shrapnel prepares to go fully live, the company is committed to addressing these issues to ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all players. They have urged players to report any instances of abuse and are working to rectify the issues before the game's full launch.