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Saudi Arabia Launches Cultural Metaverse to Celebrate Founding Day

Saudi Arabia launches the Cultural Universe metaverse, offering an immersive experience to explore the nation's cultural heritage. Built on blockchain technology, this initiative highlights Saudi Arabia's commitment to innovation and cultural preservation.

The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Culture has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative, the Cultural Universe metaverse, to commemorate the nation's founding day. This immersive virtual experience, launched on Feb. 22, offers users a journey through Saudi Arabia's rich history dating back to 1727.

A Historic Exploration

Developed on Oracle's Hyperledger Fabric 2.5 blockchain technology and powered by droppGroup's AI system droppPhygital, the Cultural Universe metaverse provides a unique and interactive way for users to explore Saudi Arabia's cultural heritage. Users navigate through a first-person shooter approach, walking along a path while encountering virtual representations of historical events.

Diverse Cultural Offerings

The metaverse features various sectors dedicated to music, art, history, food, and crafts, highlighting different aspects of Saudi heritage. Additionally, users can engage with mini video games and other interactive elements, making the experience both informative and entertaining.

Accessibility and Innovation

The Cultural Universe is accessible through a range of platforms, including websites, mobile devices, virtual reality headsets, and other digital devices. This cross-platform compatibility reflects the Ministry of Culture's commitment to inclusivity, allowing a diverse global audience to engage with Saudi culture.

Transformative Moment for Saudi Culture

The Saudi Ministry of Culture views the Cultural Universe as a transformative moment, revolutionizing how the nation's cultural heritage is preserved and shared. This initiative underscores Saudi Arabia's commitment to embracing innovative technologies like the metaverse to promote cultural awareness and appreciation.

Future Economic Opportunities

Saudi Arabia, along with other Middle Eastern countries, is leveraging the metaverse to drive economic growth. The region is moving beyond the hype surrounding the metaverse and focusing on utilizing this technology to enhance various sectors, including tourism, education, and entertainment.


The launch of the Cultural Universe metaverse marks a significant milestone in Saudi Arabia's cultural preservation efforts. By embracing cutting-edge technologies, Saudi Arabia is not only preserving its rich heritage but also creating new opportunities for cultural exchange and economic growth.