Rumour: Bitcoin time traveller called out the Epstein death and arrest 8 months ago

Death of high profile financier Jeffery Epstein has been in the news all over as Epstein died in prison on Saturday. He was facing charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy. The FBI is investigating the controversial death of 66-year-old as the cause of death is not clear yet. However, a thread on Reddit shows that a “bitcoin time traveller” predicted the whole scenario eight months ago.

In an AMA session eight months ago, a person with the username “old negotiations” described the exact event that unfolded a few days ago. He also predicted that the current US President is behind the death of Epstein. He further added that Trump would be caught and many powerful politicians will go down for the Epstein’s death, which will cause financial instability. If this time travel is to be believed the bitcoin will reach $100,000 and then dip to $20,000 before reaching $1million in the year 2021.

The self-claimed time traveller has been called out as rubbish and a joke. But some Reddit users indulged him in serious conversations as his predictions are very much on the point. He claims to be travelling from the year 2028. The time traveller also said that in future banks will create their own international cryptocurrency IDMT to compete with the bitcoin.

The time traveller’s post where he predicted the death of Epstein was edited one day ago. This debunks all his claims, so we advise you not to make any investment decisions based on some time traveller’s stories.

Jai Pratap
Jai Pratap
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