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Research Indicates that Small Cap Altcoins Have Greatly Outperformed All Major Coins

The Small Cap Altcoins Index has seen gains of 48 percent over the last month. While other parts of the market have remained flat as of late.

Photo by GR Stocks / Unsplash

The data indicate that the small-size altcoins had recently beaten Bitcoin and most of the market, as seen by GRT's 117% gains over the previous week.

The Small Cap Altcoins Index has seen gains of 48 percent over the last month.
While other parts of the market have remained flat as of late, the tiny caps have nevertheless managed to enjoy some gains in the recent past, as stated in the most recent weekly update (1) from Arcane Research.

In this context, "altcoin indexes" refers to groupings of altcoins segmented according to their market capitalization.

Three primary indexes are used to measure performance in the market: "small caps," "mid caps," and "Large caps." These groupings, derived from the Bletchley Indexes, collectively reflect the top 70 crypto currencies on the market.

The success of each of the variously sized sectors of the industry can be easily evaluated by breaking the altcoin market up in this manner, which is one of the advantages of dividing it up in this fashion.

Now, let's have a look at a chart that compares the performance of these indices against one another, as well as against Bitcoin, over the previous month:

Chart comparing BTC, Small Caps, Mid Caps and Large Caps. Source: arcane research (1.1)

The above Graph demonstrates that Bitcoin and most alternative currency indexes, except the small caps, began to consolidate about January 22 and have been mired in a similar sideways drift ever since.

Despite the stagnant price activity, the market has nevertheless experienced some amazing returns over this period. BTC and big caps are up 34%, and mid-caps are up 29%, so they are close behind large caps.

Even though these subparts of the industry were going in a sideways direction, the tiny caps continued to enjoy gains. Consequently, the total value of these alternative cryptocurrencies has increased by 48 percent over the previous month, greatly exceeding the majority of the market.

The report states that the possible explanation behind such excess returns is that a few of the coins in this bracket have recorded some exceptional returns lately, with The Graph (GRT) becoming a striking example.

The GRT Has Obtained Very Impressive Returns

The results of The Graph's activities throughout the last week are presented in the chart below.

It is clear from the chart that GRT has had significant expansion over the past week, racking up tremendous profits of about 117%. Even though the currency's price has seen a drop over the previous day, it is still 4% higher than it was twenty-four hours ago.

GRT Token price chart as compared to USDT. Chart Source: TV (2.1)

The AI token is now resting on gains of about 169% when evaluated in terms of the monthly returns (the timeframe used to assess the returns of the altcoin indexes).

The Graph has amassed approximately 240% in profits since the beginning of 2023, making the asset's year-to-date (YTD) performance even more remarkable than its performance since the beginning of 2023.