Relief is on its way is you are an American who knows how to drive

Democrat Ryan and his panel comprising of 17 others came up with a bill that urges the government to pay $2,000 every month to every American citizen who qualifies as per the required norms.

These are pretty callous times we are going through currently as the coronavirus has taken in approximately two million people under its influence, and around a hundred thousand people around the world have paid for its price with their lives. With the global pandemic affecting everyone’s livelihood due to lockdowns and self-quarantine mandated in almost every country, if you’re an American citizen and you’ve very well reached the age of acquiring your driver’s license or have crossed that threshold, well here’s some news for you!

Representative Tim Ryan (1), who is a former presidential candidate from the moderate wing of the Democratic party, along with rep. Ro Khanna, the former co-chairperson of Senator Bernie Sanders campaign in the presidential elections, along with a panel of 17 other democrats which includes the representative who helps lead the House Steering and Policy Committee, Rep. Barbara Lee introduced a bill on Tuesday who’s main agenda way to provide $2,000 per month to millions of Americans who came under the conditions stated in the tab named as “The emergency money for the People Act”

Rep. Ryan stated that

“The economic impact of the virus is unprecedented for our country. As millions of Americans file for unemployment week over week, we have to work quickly to patch the dam…and that means putting cash into the hands of hardworking families”

to which Rep. Ro Khanna (2) also added that

“A one time USD 1,200 check isn’t going to cut it”.

The act aims to provide $2,000 as a monthly payment to every American who qualifies to be over the age of 16 to the point till the US employment status returns to those levels that persisted before the pandemic occurred which has been speculated to take months or even years looking at the ongoing conditions.

The conditions and the highlights of “The emergency money for the people Act” are as follows:

Those citizens who have no means of earning, have been unemployed or have remained unemployed during the period of the pandemic come under this bill.

  1. Every US citizen who is of the age of sixteen and older, making $130,000 or less in a year, would be eligible to receive a payment of $2,000 monthly.
  2. Couples who are married and who make $260,000 or less annually will receive at least $4,000 every month.
  3. The family that qualifies the bill, if known to have children, would receive $500 per child, and this will be viable for up to three children in the family. That means, consider that a married couple has three kids, then the couple would receive $4,000 and an additional of $1,500 as a total for the three children amounting to $5,500 per month.

The bill would undoubtedly allow a family or a person to sustain themselves until the conditions of this global pandemic are made better or are nullified.

Nishith Ramachandra
Nishith Ramachandra
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