Skip to content launches in India amid Coronavirus lockdown, focuses on Blockchain & Bitcoin Jobs is providing an incredible opportunity for companies to hire via its platform for free while giving light to fruit is providing an incredible opportunity for companies to hire via its platform for free while giving light to fruitful employment opportunities for job-seekers amidst the Corona Virus

The Corona Virus outbreak has taken over the world like wildfire. More than half of the population globally is on lockdown to prevent the spread of the infectious COVID-19 disease. This, however, has intervened with the hiring process and employment aspects for multiple people. In India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced the extension of the lockdown period up to 3rd May 2020 as of now., a leading job and internship search platform, announced its launch in India on 14th April 2020 via its published Press Release. Hiredd is a TimesNext Media owned venture that aims at providing fruitful employment opportunities to its users, be it students or young professionals.

Work From Home for Blockchain & Bitcoin Industry

While the whole population is locked inside their homes, with no option to come out in public any sooner, it serves as an excellent chance for you to toss your luck in the pot by gaining remarkable work from home opportunities in the blockchain and bitcoin industry. Hiredd is one of India’s leading job & internship search portals that will serve as a collaborative job search engine for both students and professionals.

The blockchain industry is regarded as one of the fastest-growing technical branch having a shortage of developers. Work from home and enhance your future job perspectives by gaining the right field experience for better career advancement. With remote working on the rise, companies are on a hunt for blockchain developers to help them digitize their business processes better to increase employee productivity.

Note: You can find both Blockchain internships as well as jobs at Hiredd.

100% Free Job and Internship Posting for Startups

Hiredd is one of the few recruitment platforms that offer all the companies and businesses registered on its platform to post jobs and internship listings for free, allowing them to recruit talent for their teams almost instantly. Job seekers and students can easily find jobs and internships at Hiredd via its easy keyword search.

Additionally, Hiredd is also helping students and other users build their resumes at the Hiredd platform through its in-built resume builder, for the more accessible and more efficient application process. This also allows recruiters to view the applications and resumes with clarity and more convenience, thereby saving time on the recruitment process.

Note: Register your company at Hiredd and start posting jobs and internships for free after completing a simple verification process.

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Hiredd, in collaboration with Coinnounce, has launched an exclusive promo code that allows users and companies to gain access to the job and internship search platform’s Premium feature. Premium job and internship postings on the platform are shifted to the top of job and internship searches, allowing startups and businesses to gain a higher engagement from job-seekers and a more agile recruitment process.

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Hiredd is a TimesNext Media owned venture which serves as a bridge between recruiters and job-seekers, making it a comprehensive internship & job search platform.