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Reddit is launching its NFT collection soon

Reddit, a US bulletin board social news site, has launched a marketplace for Ethereum (ETH) – compatible non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

As social media platforms ramp up their c5rypto transactions, Reddit launched an NFT marketplace on Thursday, where users can purchase blockchain-based avatars for a fixed price in the currency fiat.

Avatars- which can be purchased without digital assets with a credit or debit card- cost between $9.99 and $99.99 and can be used as a profile picture customizable.

The NFT (non-fungible token) market should expand on Reddit previous avatar generator, which launched two years ago. According to the Reddit announcement, the new NFT features will give users a license to create any avatar and profit from their art.

“Collection avatars are limited edition avatars made by independent artists,” the company said. “If someone sets their Collection Avatar as their avatar on Reddit, they can mix and match the avatar gear with other Reddit avatar gear and accessories, and their profile picture in the comments will have a light-like effect.”

The company says the art can be used on and off Reddit. Reddit says Collections avatars will be available to everyone in the coming weeks. Still, a limited number of Reddit users in the Collections Avatar community were granted early access on Thursday.