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virtual reality is becoming a big game-changer in multiple metaverse and web3 projects and is a hot topic among enthusiasts.

Virtual reality is becoming a strong contender for effective technologies causing a sharp turn in the entertainment industry. It has the power to recreate real-life situations as digital images and provide relays of information in the most effective manner. In the most basic definition, virtual reality uses the distortion of images in certain angles clubbed with the syncing of frame rates with that the capabilities of the human eye to create a serene experience that feels quite akin to real life.

How is this related to the .VR NFT domain names that you can get on then? Well, virtual reality is becoming a big game-changer in multiple metaverse and web3 projects and is a hot topic among enthusiasts. It essentially changes the way we consume entertainment. Not just entertainment but also every other niche that requires a relay of information, be it education, training, business, marketing, etc. Everything has one or the other application for virtual reality and it’s about to change your perspective of the internet as it becomes more and more mainstream with every passing day.

Well, if you want to get into VR content creation, then web3 might be the next breakthrough for you. With everything happening at such a fast pace, technology taking a turn on Web3, and virtual reality being applied everywhere it’s practically a no-brainer to get onto the system before it turns mainstream to get the best out of it. Where do you start then?’s got the solutions for you!

How to find the .vr TLD on

First off, you need to go to and then create an account. Then proceed to connect your metamask or trust wallet on the website. When that’s done you will have a list of TLDs on the home screen. These are the ones supported by the ecosystem and will be updated from time to time as the ecosystem progresses. On the list you’ll see the vr TLD. Clicking on it will pop up a search bar on a new page. Here you can search for your preferred NFT domain name ending with the .vr TLD. If it’s available you will see a mint button.

Pressing this mint button will allow you to start a transaction for it. Confirming it on your crypto wallet will make the NFT domain name yours and you can then store it on your crypto wallet. The .vr domain names are just like any other domain names just connected to the .vr TLD. They will perform all the use cases effectively supported by the ecosystem mentioned below.

How does the Ecosystem support the use of the .vr domain name?

Normally, NFT domain names and Web3 decentralized websites will not be resolved by conventional browsers. Therefore, will soon release a chrome extension under its Ecosystem. This will be used by the owners of NFT domain names to host decentralized websites using the IPFS on the web3. This will open up a ton of opportunities for content creation related to VR since the TLD is attached to the NFT domain name. People browsing the web3 will be able to find the content related to VR easily on your website hosted on the .vr NFT domain name.

Another effective use case possible will be the replacement of your NFT domain name. Now, the default addresses on your crypto wallet will be swapped by the NFT .vr domain name. This will ease transactions and make it easier to remember your crypto wallet address.

How to sell your .vr domain name?

.vr domain names can also be sold on the P2P marketplace on the Ecosystem. To sell it all you need to do is to list it on the marketplace and then choose to sell it either for a fixed price or through an auction system where users will be able to offer a price for your NFT domain name that you can accept.

The .vr domain name that you mint also makes you eligible for a 5 % royalty on all transactions made related to its sale or transfer, which keeps you gaining even after you’ve sold your .vr domain name. Why wait then, mint away on now.