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NFT domain names on are easy to acquire. provides you a choice from a list of TLDs built on the ethereum bl

NFT domains have been a game-changer in terms of how domains are handled and used on the internet. They change things down to the very basic principles. Unlike conventional domain names, they are not released by a central authority. This makes them completely decentralized and hence open to way more applications than the conventional domain names.

Additionally, since they are registered over the public ledger of a blockchain they act as digital assets just like any other cryptocurrency or token. They can be stored in crypto wallets just like any other cryptocurrency. Also, unlike conventional domain names, NFT domains have a one-time minting fee and after that, you do not have to renew them or pay any kind of fee as such. Another advantage is that the websites hosted on these domain names are decentralized and therefore no third party will be able to make any kind of objections to them or take action against them in any way.

NFT domain names are here to stay and probably change the face of the internet as we see it. The change to web3 is pretty close around the corner and is here to help you peek through and step in a bit earlier than everyone else by owning an NFT domain name. Here’s how you can get yourself one and the benefits that provides once you get one for yourself.

How to get yourself an NFT domain name on

NFT domain names on are easy to acquire. Like many other marketplaces present on the internet, provides you a choice from a list of TLDs built on the ethereum blockchain. Once you’ve made your choice all you need to do is to enter the NFT domain name of your choice and then wait for it to pop up. Then you can click on the mint button and then confirm the transaction on your cryptocurrency wallet (trust or metamask) that you connected to the website. This will confirm the transaction and make the NFT domain name yours.

Now you can store your NFT domain name on your crypto wallet. Here are a couple of things you need to know. Firstly, the NFT domain name is yours and remains yours unless you decide to sell it. In case you do decide to sell it, the P2P marketplace is a great place to list your NFT domain name and sell it to a community of NFT domain name enthusiasts.

Secondly, since you were the first person to mint a particular NFT domain name, you will be rewarded with a percentage of royalty from every transaction that takes place for that particular NFT domain name. So, even if you sell off the NFT domain name that you minted, you will not lose the benefit. ecosystem and NFT domain names ecosystem will soon release a chrome extension that will allow users to use their NFT domain names. How? By using the IPFS to host decentralized websites on the web3. That’s not all, it will also allow them to browse the web3 for other decentralized websites. Additionally, the Ecosystem will also allow its users to rename their crypto wallet addresses. The hexadecimal default addresses on the crypto wallets will be replaced by NFT domain names. This will ease transactions and make remembering wallet addresses easier. This is not the end of the applications of the NFT domain names. As the ecosystem of progresses, there will be more use cases added to the existing list. is your doorway to the web3

Don’t be late. The NFT domain names will soon be used to host web3 decentralized websites on the Ecosystem. This means the early ones that get on will get a direct opportunity to put out content on the Web3. Also, you can use the TLDs to help direct certain audiences to the type of content you put out. Well, there’s a lot to choose from on Visit today and get yourself an NFT domain name to enter Web3.