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NFT Domains are the new Web3 Gold, mint your first NFT Domain on is a marketplace for NFT domains that allows P2P trading of these Web3 domain names. Let's take a second to understa

You surely have heard about web3, haven’t you? Quite an exciting space. Simple yet complicated and quite a futuristic idea. Well, web3 isn’t as far away as you think it is. is here to break it down for you. is a marketplace for NFT domains that allows P2P trading of these Web3 domain names. Let’s take a second to understand what Web3 is. For starters, web3 is the next era of the internet. A decentralized space where no central party is able to make decisions unanimously. A space where individuality is held high and ownership is for everyone. Sounds exciting, isn’t it?  It is and there’s a bit for everyone trying to get on Web3. There’s a major space for content, entertainment, education, and various other niches that is going to grow tenfold sooner than expected.

Since we’re here, has a way for you to bag a place in web3 before it even becomes mainstream. How? By owning an NFT domain name of course! Here’s how you can own one for yourself explained in a simple and brief manner.

How to buy/mint an NFT domain on

Follow these steps given below to get yourself an NFT domain:

  • Log on to through your browser.
  • Connect your Metamask or trust wallet to the website.
  • Now, there is a list of TLDs created inside the Quik ecosystem. Choose which one suits you best.
  • Next, search for your preferred NFT domain name.
  • If it’s available it will show a mint button below it.
  • Press it and then confirm the transaction on your crypto wallet to mint it for yourself.
  • Voila, you’ve minted yourself an NFT domain name.

Now that you’ve minted yourself an NFT domain name, what do you do with it? Well, for the time being you can store it in your crypto wallet where it will stay safe. You own it now and it isn’t going anywhere unless you sell it. Alright, here’s a couple things you could do with your NFT domain name soon in the ecosystem.

Uses of your NFT domain name in the Quik Ecosystem

Soon, is set to release a chrome extension that will allow its users to host decentralized websites on the NFT domain name using IPFS. Yes, that NFT domain name that you minted and stored on your crypto wallet? Time to whip it out and host a decentralized website on it in the ecosystem.

Furthermore, you must be familiar with the long and hard-to-remember hexadecimal crypto wallet addresses. Why not cut it down a bit for a change. The ecosystem will allow users to replace their wallet addresses with their NFT domain names using the Quik Chrome Browser Extension. This will simply ease your transactions and make your wallet address easier to remember.

Many more applications are yet to come to light. These will soon be discovered as the ecosystem progresses. Till then, we can still explore the web3 and filter out opportunities that await us, shall we?

Benefits of hosting decentralized websites on the web3 with NFT domains.

The ecosystem will allow you to host decentralized websites on the web3. What would the benefits be though? The answer is quite simple and satisfying. Decentralized websites wouldn’t be monitored by a third party. You remain in complete control and choose what gets put out on your website.

There is no renewal fee like conventional domains. Once you own the NFT domain, it’s yours without a catch. It’s like owning a media channel that allows you to voice your content without any repercussions.

Lastly, you get to be a part of Web3.  It’s the internet of tomorrow and pretty much about to take over in the near foreseeable future. Why delay it and get yourself lacking behind. Grab the opportunity to host a decentralized website on web3 soon and let pave the way. You’re still here? Go fast!