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The Metaverse, a name that has been revolving around in the news, the social media, and in our daily conversations. What is the metaverse, what is, and how is providing a way to step into the metaverse early? Let us answer all of these questions and understand what’s the big deal about metaverse.

What is the Metaverse?

The metaverse is a term coined in the recent era to define a whole new generation of technology that allows us to interact with the internet and indulge in it in a way only shown in sci-fi movies or literature before. A dream come true. With the help of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, the internet will never look the same again. The metaverse is about to make big moves with virtual reality and augmented reality being introduced into all forms of ways we consume data online. Be it entertainment, education, work, leisure, or even business, the metaverse seems to have a piece for every niche.

So the metaverse is a shift in the way we presently consume data online. A shift in software and hardware and the way we understand the terms that we hear about the internet on a daily basis. Now that we have an understanding of the metaverse from a general point of view, let’s take a look at how is providing a simple way of venturing into the metaverse with the help of crypto domain names. and metaverse domain names provides an easy way to acquire crypto domain names ending with the .metaverse extension among many others. .metaverse domain names are basically NFT domain names that end with the . metaverse extension. They are basically TLDs based on the ethereum blockchain. They act as NFT and hence, digital assets. The .metaverse NFT domain names can be used to create websites on the Web 3.0.

Additionally, they can be easily stored on crypto wallets like any other digital asset. Here’s the cherry on top, they can act as wallet addresses. If you have a .metaverse crypto domain name, or any NFT domain name you will be able to connect it to your crypto wallet and use it as a wallet address. This will make transactions easier and hassle-free.

Also, .metaverse NFT domain names and other domain names offered by have various other applications and the list is too long. Furthermore, these applications will only increase in number as the ecosystem progresses in the future.

Minting a .metaverse domain name on

You can go to and search for the preferred .metaverse domain name. If it is available and hasn’t been minted yet, you will be able to mint it for yourself. Once it is minted it remains yours without any renewal fee. In the case where it has already been minted before, has a P2P feature where you will be able to buy the . metaverse domain name from the current owner.

Apart from metaverse domain names, as the ecosystem broadens its reach and facilities, you will be able to obtain metaverse avatars from the marketplace. Metaverse avatars will be your representatives in the metaverse. They will be 3D figures of what you would like to other people exploring the metaverse.

In many ways, is acting as a catalyst for the fast-paced induction of the metaverse into everyday lives. You can play your part by getting yourself a .metaverse NFT domain name or any other NFT domain name since it acts as the building block for anchoring websites on Web 3.0 also dubbed as the future of the internet.


The metaverse is truly in its infancy stages and yet again, it is growing at a pace that should make it a norm in the foreseeable future. What better time to get into the metaverse than when it has only begun to get noticed. brings an easy way to venture into the metaverse through owning a .metaverse domain name. Since its applications are many and its benefits impressive, why waste time thinking about it. Get your .metaverse NFT domain name right now at