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Polium has announced the first “NFT game console.”

A new console intended for “Web 3 gaming” was announced and immediately met with resistance from some gamers.

Web3 company Polium claims its “Polium One” system will be the “world’s first multi-chain game console” that will be able to run games built on different blockchains.

“The console will be powerful enough to run high-performance games and be easy to use for a traditional gamer who does not understand Web 3,” says Polium

The console, which Polium says will launch in the third quarter of 2024, will only be able to be reserved by players who purchase a ‘Polium Pass,’ an NFT on the Ethereum network from which 10,000 will be minted.

According to Polium, the console controller will include a fingerprint scanner for security and a “wallet” button to give players quick access to the console’s multi-chain wallet designed to “trade, exchange, gamble, and receive cryptocurrencies.”

The announcement has received a lot of criticism and skepticism from various players. That at best, they are still unconvinced of the merits of Blockchain gaming, and at worst, they believe it to be a scam.

Some have also pointed out that the console logo appears to be an inverted version of the GameCube logo. Not even the newly established Polium Discord server has been without criticism.

Regarding the lack of confirmed games, the statement says, ” There will be games on the console, and we will make some announcements soon.