Petro Coin, public sale in November. Here is all you need to know


Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro has made a progression of announcements concerning the Petro. At present, the public sale for the dubious virtual currency is set for November 5th.

Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro gave key updates about the country’s Petro advanced currency amid a joint radio and television communicate.

As per a notice distributed on Venezuela’s government website, individuals are presently ready to visit the official Petro website and download the official wallet on Google Play.

President Maduro illuminated an unpleasant course of events for the Petro amid his comments. He said the virtual currency would be accessible on six international exchanges as of October first.

It isn’t yet clear what exchanges these are, particularly since a few have named the coin as a scam.


President Maduro likewise noticed that a gathering with diggers and cryptocurrency experts would happen on October 29th, only a couple of days before the Petro has a public sale on November fifth.

Something else, Maduro said oil from Venezuela would be sold in Petro. As per him, 51 percent of the cash supply for the Petro will be held by Venezuela’s Crypto Asset Treasury. The other 49 percent will be accessible to the public.


The Petro will purportedly keep running individually government created appropriated record. A report from Age Times stated:

50 percent of petro’s price will rely on the oil price, 20 percent on the gold price, 20 percent on the iron price, and 10 percent on the diamond price.



The official government website noticed how the Petro utilizes the X11 hash calculation, considered the “most secure” one. It says the Petro is ensured by a PoW and PoS calculation half breed.

As per the site, which additionally includes an official whitepaper for the advanced currency, the Venezuelan government will attempt and position the Petro as an ‘investment choice, reserve funds instrument, and methods for trade.’

The whitepaper likewise gives more knowledge into the Petro. It clarifies how the government will discharge 100 million pre-mined tokens on November fifth, each at a $60 price point.

As of press time, the Google Play Petro wallet had a rating of 4.2 stars from 158 surveys. Some said it was “magnificent” and “unimaginable,” while others said it expected to “be more cleaned,” and that it was not protected.

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Broadly Observed AS A SCAM

Some observe the Petro as an apparatus to skirt sanctions. Not very many think the coin is something besides a scam.

Experts in and outside of the district have kept up there is remarkably no proof that the Petro, or even the plans encompassing it, have brought about any kind of progress.

A scorching August report from Wired magazine respected the government’s turn to peg the bolivar to the Petro, and afterward relaunch as “pure nonsense.”


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