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Pepecoin Controversy: Insider Trading Accusations Emerge Amid Token Theft

Insider trading claims cast a shadow over Pepecoin as former promoter Pauly alleges irregularities within the project amidst a reported token theft. The community is left grappling with accusations, exposing a concerning web of events.

Insider trading allegations rock the Pepecoin community as former promoter turned influencer Jeremy “Pauly” Cahen accuses the Pepecoin team of involvement in on-chain irregularities. Pauly's claims coincide with a reported theft of around 16 trillion PEPE tokens, revealing a web of suspicion within the project.

Accusations of Insider Trading

Former Pepecoin Promoter Pauly Alleges Insider Trading Amidst Token Theft\

Jeremy “Pauly” Cahen, a former Pepecoin promoter who has transitioned into a crypto influencer, has stirred controversy by accusing the Pepecoin team of insider trading. These allegations come in the wake of a significant token theft incident that involved approximately 16 trillion PEPE tokens.

Identifying Wallet Activities

Pauly Exposes Pepecoin Team Members and Reveals Wallet Activities

Pauly has taken his accusations a step further by disclosing the identities of Pepecoin team members and exposing their wallet activities. He asserts that the team has not only exploited the community but has also engaged in irregular token movements that raise suspicions of insider trading.

Insider Selling Begins

On-Chain Analyst Yazan Points to Insider Selling of PEPE Holdings

On-chain analyst Yazan has independently verified insider selling of PEPE tokens, with an estimated 400 billion PEPE already sold. This aligns with Pauly's claims and exposes further evidence of alleged insider trading within the Pepecoin project.

Impact on Pepecoin's Price

Bearish Turn in Pepecoin Price Due to Team's Selloffs

The Pepecoin controversy has had a tangible impact on the project's price. The token's value has experienced a bearish turn, plummeting by 15% as the Pepecoin team reportedly executed selloffs. Despite a brief recovery, the price has struggled to regain momentum, reflecting the negative sentiment prevailing within the community.

Current State and Price

Current PEPE Price and the Ripple Effect of the Controversy

As of now, the PEPE token is valued (1) at $0.0000008967, marking a 1% decrease over the last 24 hours. The ongoing controversy surrounding insider trading accusations and token theft has contributed to the uncertainty and fluctuations in the token's value.