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Panic selling of BCN going on. Best time to buy Bytecoin – Coinnounce

Panic selling of BCN going on. Best time to buy Bytecoin

Bytecoin Price experienced a huge downfall today as one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges Binance announced the delisting of BCN along with 3 other cryptocurrencies in a tweet this morning:

This has created a huge FUD amongst the cryptocurrency traders and due to the massive amount of selling, the BCN price fell from 0.00000035 BTC to 0.00000026 BTC in just a few hours.

BCN BTC Price Chart 9 October

But many of the prominent cryptocurrency traders believe that this is undoubtedly the best time to buy BCN as just delisting from Binance would not make a huge difference in the future of Bytecoin. BCN market is facing huge selling but at the same time, huge buyers are also making large bids to buy BCN at this low price.

The following article is just an opinion of the writer and not any kind of financial advice to buy or sell digital currencies or any other commodities such as bytecoin. Cryptocurrency Markets are subject to market risks.


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