Now Official: Craig Wright Sues Roger Ver to the court

2 months ago

Craig Wright, also known as ‘Faketoshi‘ for claiming himself to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto has now officially sued Roger Ver to the court.

Roger Ver calls Craig Wright Fraud and a Liar

According to Craig Wright, an Australian computer scientist and the founder of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision, who also claims himself to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the real founder of Bitcoin, Roger Ver has made false statements against him which might prove to be very harmful for his overall reputation.

The lawsuit was filed by Craig Wright against Roger Ver during the Bitcoin Cash summit held in London. The lawsuit for filed against Roger Ver for calling Craig a scammer and a liar in a video posted by Roger Ver on Youtube which was deleted by the video-sharing website as it violated the norms of the community. However, Roger Ver had later posted the video on his official Twitter account, calling the video: His response to Craig Wright’s 100,000 GBP lawsuit.

In the video, Roger Ver mentions that Craig Wright is a liar and a fraud and encourages Craig to sue him again.

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