Nouriel Roubini Dr Doom attacks BitMEX, turns into a zombie for cryptocurrency

Dr. Doom is back with another Zombie attack on Cryptocurrency

Nouriel Roubini is coming after cryptocurrencies like a zombie, calling BitMEX as a Criminal Scam Exchange, says BitMEX is responsible for a various massive pump and dump schemes and price manipulations in his recent tweet.


BitMEX is trading against its own customers

Dr. Doom goes on to post more tweets on BitMEX, saying that the exchange is trading against its own customers and also allows to run manipulative scams on the exchange.


If you followed Dr. Doom in 2013, you should have missed a 30,000% profit

For the cryptocurrency world, Nouriel Roubini is not a new “Market Bear”. In 2013 he tweeted at the bottom of the market crash. Someone who followed him then and sold his assets would have missed around 30000% in profits.



Some people argue that Roubini does the negative talking to stay in the news and be recognized. He is considered to be a very strong cryptocurrency bear. If you are new to the cryptocurrency space, we recommend that you do prior research before following a negative tweet or argument too seriously.



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