Nigerian protesters seek bitcoin donations after regulators block bank accounts.

Nigerian protest organization Feminist Coalition is seeking donations via bitcoin after authorities reportedly blocked the organization's bank account.

A Nigerian protest group called Feminist Coalition is seeking donations in bitcoin after authorities reportedly blocked the organization’s bank account. The Feminist Coalition is one of the many groups spearheading protests against alleged police brutality by a Nigerian police unit, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). Before the regulators blocked the bank accounts, the protest group says it had used donations raised through the account to fund 90 protests across the country. Several protest groups around the world have turned to bitcoin and other decentralized cryptocurrencies to show dissent against authorities. 


The protest group’s bitcoin account has raised over 1 million in donations already.

In a post on Twitter, the Feminist Coalition urged Nigerians to donate via bitcoin since two of its donation channels were now blocked. The group tweeted, “for demanding an end to police brutality, we are now under attack! Our bank account has been deactivated, and so has the Flutterwave donation link. Our members’ lives are also being threatened.” By asking for donations in bitcoin, Feminist Coalition is confident funds for bankrolling the protests will continue to flow as Nigerians are already familiar with cryptocurrencies. 


Crypto adoption increases in African countries. 

As reported earlier, Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, and Kenya are frequently among the top ten countries by Google searches for the word “Bitcoin.” Crypto adoption is making significant advances in the African continent. Africa is considered by many as “one of, if not the most promising region for the adoption of cryptocurrencies.” Before the pandemic hit the world, the CEO of Twitter and Square had announced his plans to stay in Africa for six months to a year and explore crypto opportunities in the continent. Jack Dorsey believes that Africa has the potential to drive the crypto to mainstream adoption in the coming years.  

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