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NFT Domains will be a huge part of web 3.0 says

Quik, a marketplace for NFT domains, explains the importance of NFT domains as a pillar for building the internet of tomorrow

Blockchain domains are represented by single NFTs, which combine two core ideas: they can be used to host websites using IPFS and also function as crypto wallet addresses.

Traditional domains have been some of the most valuable assets of the internet; for instance, the domain name LasVegas was sold for over 90 million USD in 2005 to a Las Vegas travel company. In 2019, was sold for 30 million USD, while was purchased for approximately 12 million USD in 2018 by Monaco, a crypto visa company.

Although these numbers raise eyebrows, none of these companies own these domains. These domain names are merely rented from a domain registry. And they need to extend their registration by paying an annual fee, or the domain goes back on the market in case they forget to make the payment.

There have even been instances when registrars, mostly less-than-reputable, prey on upcoming expired domains by purchasing them automatically the minute they expire and trying to sell them back to the original buyer or in an open market at a hefty sum.

That’s not the case with blockchain domains. NFT domains are one-time purchases compared to the annual renewal fee-based model of traditional Web 2.0 domain names. They are 100% user-owned and are not censored or controlled by any centralized organization like Google Domains or GoDaddy.

However, what makes NFT domains interesting is the level of functionality they offer


What Makes Blockchain Domains So Unique?

Here are the basics of crypto domains:

  • You can purchase NFT domains, hold them, and sell them like any other NFTs and conventional domain names.
  • They also function as crypto wallet addresses, allowing anyone to send you crypto directly that looks like Quik.metaverse instead of the complicated long crypto wallet addresses.
  • They act as domain names for your website using IPFS.

In short, blockchain domains address one of the core issues that Web 3.0 players are trying to solve: offering direct ownership to end-users without any intermediaries.

And players like Quik offers a few distinct advantages:

  • Quik is the world’s simplest blockchain domains marketplace that allows you to mint, list, buy, and sell NFT domains easily and quickly without any third party.
  • It offers the infrastructure that helps you move your business from Web 2.0 to the blockchain.
  • Quik plans to launch its Web extension in future which will help users in using the NFT domains as web and wallet addresses.

Buy Blockchain Domains on Quik

Quik offers a blockchain domains marketplace that allows you to build and own your own digital identity that helps shape the future of Web 3.0.

Quik has launched with a series of blockchain domains extensions available for minting, including:

  • .NFT
  • .bored
  • .chain
  • .shib
  • .metaverse
  • .doge
  • .web3
  • .address
  • .btc

Users can apply any terms of their choice to these extensions to mint NFT domains. Users can also explore the platform for available NFT domain names that have been listed by peers and then transfer them to the public ledger.

In addition, Quik enables users to list or purchase traditional domain names on the platform using blockchain transactions to make the entire procedure more transparent and secure.

The current NFT domains on Quik are currently based on the Ethereum blockchain, however, Quik plans to launch more NFT domains on different blockchains such as Binance Smart Chain, and Gate Chain in the future.

Quik offers blockchain domains directly to businesses and individuals for a one-time purchase with no renewal or gas fees.

A Quik blockchain domain will act as a universal username, a cryptocurrency address, decentralized website URL, once Quik launches its web extension. You can learn more about Quik NFT domains by visiting their official website

Quik offers a new way to trade blockchain domains with more security, transparency, anonymity, and efficiency. Claim the ownership of crypto domains today to secure yourself a building block of the internet of tomorrow with Quik.