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Metamask Updates IP Data Collection Policy, Limits Data Retention to 7 Days

Photo by Jason Dent / Unsplash

As a result of the public outcry, MetaMask has been forced to update its data collection policy.

A recent modification that MetaMask made to its data-gathering policy has been met with severe backlash from the cryptocurrency community. An update has been released by the developer ConsenSys that provides clarification regarding the changes to the policy.

The reaction prompted a message on December 6 from the developer ConsenSys, which reassured users of the cryptocurrency-related toolkit Infura and MetaMask.

The company's privacy policy was modified the previous month, which resulted in rumors that it might lead to the gathering of customers' wallets and IP addresses. The cryptocurrency community, which has a well-established reputation for being highly focused on privacy, reacted to this news quickly and angrily.

ConsenSys provided some additional elaboration (1) on the particulars of how its data policies are put into practice. It explains the adjustment as one that is centered on providing greater transparency. It provides a rundown of some important things to consider about the policy, all of which have the potential to elicit a response.

If users of MetaMask check their balances and, by extension, their IP addresses, they will not be able to view any of the saved account information. Write requests, also known as broadcasted transactions, are the only ones that fall under the purview of this data gathering.

An essential aspect of this plan is that ConsenSys intends to limit its customer data retention to just seven days; after that point, it will be deleted. Additionally, it promises not to sell any information about its users. Users of MetaMask will also have the choice to switch to an RPC provider other than Infura as an additional option.

The Crypto Community Is Becoming Angrier

Naturally, people in the cryptocurrency world were outraged when they heard about data collection. It resorted to social media platforms like Reddit to voice its worries, and the move was met with widespread backlash there. Some users hypothesized that the much-anticipated governance token would be able to assist in preventing alterations of this kind.

It's unlikely that users will feel comforted, even after the update that increases openness. There is a possibility that they will look at alternatives to MetaMask that do not collect data. This is a distinct possibility. Others have suggested just switching away from the Infura RPC to prevent the collection of IP addresses.

MetaMask To Participate in Movement Against the Apple Tax

In recent days and weeks, articles about MetaMask have been published for various reasons. The Sber Bank of Russia has revealed that it intends to connect its blockchain technology with Ethereum and MetaMask shortly. The attention of international bodies will undoubtedly be drawn to this matter.

MetaMask has taken a stand against the Apple Tax, going so far as to indicate that it is willing to withdraw from the Apple ecosystem. Co-founder of MetaMask Dan Finlay suggested establishing a new prepay transaction relay to assist Apple consumers in avoiding the 30% reduction. Due to problems stemming from Apple's restrictions, Coinbase will also be forced to discontinue its support for NFT transfers.