Messi’s deal with PSG also includes crypto fan tokens.

The football legend Lionel Messi made a historical club transfer from Barcelona FC to Paris Saint-Germain FC after 26 years. In a statement, the French soccer club said that the wage package of its new Argentine soccer star Lionel Messi would include the cryptocurrency “$PSG Fan Tokens.” The reported value of the two-year contract between Messi and PSG is $41 million annual salaries with bonuses. 


Messi will receive crypto fan tokens as part of his payment.

Earlier, a Bloomberg journalist suggested that the football legend Messi might receive crypto fan tokens or NFTs as part of his payment. Later the soccer club confirmed the news. However, the club did not state what percentage of the deal comprised the crypto tokens but said he had received a “large number.” Messi’s transfer to PSG came as a big shock and heartbreak for Barca fans, especially after mentioning that he wanted to stay at the club. This, nonetheless, provides another massive endorsement for new digital assets.


The price of the crypto fan token more than doubled. 

PSG Fan token is trading at $40.45 but might see a bullish burst in the wake of the news. The price of the crypto fan token more than doubled in the wake of the football star’s signing and reached an ATH of $61.63 on August 10, a day after Messi’s move to PSG was confirmed. PSG is a utility token on the Chillz chain. Interestingly, this bull run has seen a series of price rises among different classes of cryptocurrencies. First Bitcoin rose at the start of the year, then utility tokens, following which NFT tokens such as Chillz rose to their new ATHs, and the trend continued.