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MakerDAO Sets Sights on Ambitious Expansion with "Endgame" Strategy

MakerDAO embarks on an ambitious "Endgame" plan to dramatically scale its Dai stablecoin and enhance platform resilience, introducing new tokens and a phased expansion strategy aimed at reshaping the DeFi sector.

A Revolutionary Roadmap for DeFi's Future

MakerDAO, the trailblazing decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, is on the brink of initiating a significant transformation termed the "Endgame" plan. This strategy, designed to bolster the platform's resilience and attract a sustainable user base, was detailed by co-founder Rune Christensen in recent forum announcements.

Phase 1 Kickstarts the Journey

Scheduled for mid-2024, the first phase of the Endgame plan aims to inject new life into MakerDAO with a comprehensive rebranding effort. The objective is to simplify the platform's identity, making it more accessible and engaging. This phase will also see the introduction of novel tokens and an ambitious goal to escalate the market capitalization of its Dai stablecoin to unprecedented levels, aiming to compete directly with giants like Tether.

Innovative Tokens and Yield Farming

As part of the strategy, MakerDAO will unveil "NewStable" and "NewGovTokens", names placeholders for the time being, that promise to enhance the protocol with fresh features. In a notable restructuring, each Maker (MKR) token will be converted into 24,000 NewGovTokens, with a special farming opportunity allowing non-U.S. NewStable tokenholders to farm 600 million NewGovTokens annually.

Beyond Tokens: Infrastructure and Expansion

The plan extends beyond token launches, with the "Lockstake Engine" (LSE) and "NewBridge" set to introduce novel yield-earning mechanisms and facilitate low-cost layer-2 farming solutions. The first phase concludes with the establishment of SparkDAO, a lending-focused SubDAO, which follows the successful launch of the Spark Protocol in May 2023.

A Staged Approach Towards an Immutable Future

Following the completion of Phase 1, MakerDAO will progressively unfold additional phases, including the introduction of more SubDAOs and bridges in Phase 2 and the eventual launch of a dedicated layer-1 blockchain, dubbed "NewChain", in Phase 3. The culmination of this ambitious roadmap, Phase 4, envisions a future where Maker's core governance achieves immutability, securing a permanent footprint in the DeFi landscape.