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Luxury Brand Blockchain Platform Arianee Expands with Polygon L2 Launch

Arianee leverages Polygon's technology to launch a layer 2 solution, enhancing scalability and efficiency for luxury brand digital product passports.

Arianee has introduced a Polygon-powered layer 2 solution to amplify its digital product passport platform utilized by luxury brands.

Arianee's Latest Advancement

Luxury brand blockchain infrastructure provider Arianee has rolled out a new layer 2 solution on Polygon, enhancing its digital product passport platform for luxury brands and businesses. This development aims to bolster scalability and efficiency in managing digital assets.

Built on Polygon's Chain Development Kit (CDK)

Arianee commenced the development of this optimized layer 2 solution in early 2023, harnessing Polygon's Chain Development Kit (CDK). Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, Arianee's co-founder and CEO, emphasized the platform's re-engineered infrastructure, designed to offer high customization, cost-effectiveness, and performance.

Benefits for Brands and Developers

By leveraging Polygon's technology, Arianee enables brands and developers to create tailored digital passports and tokens associated with real-world products. This move empowers brands to streamline processes related to warranties, repairs, and other services, enhancing customer engagement and trust.

Integration with Ethereum Mainnet

Arianee's native protocol token will facilitate transactions within the Polygon CDK appchain, bridged to the Aria20 ERC-20 token on the Ethereum mainnet. This integration allows brands to seamlessly manage their digital product passports and loyalty tokens.

Unlocking Scalability and Efficiency

Polygon's CDK, coupled with ZK-proof technology, promises enhanced scalability and performance. By dedicating block space to individual applications, the solution minimizes disruptions caused by network congestion, while reducing operational costs associated with gas fees and smart contract execution.

Seizing Opportunities with Layer-2 Functionality

With Polygon's recent advancements, including the Type 1 prover, Arianee's layer 2 solution stands poised to revolutionize the luxury brand ecosystem, offering a seamless and cost-effective approach to managing digital assets.