Litecoin founder Charlie Lee calls bankruptcy claims lies

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee called claims of bankruptcy lies and FUDs. Litecoin turned eight this month as the crypto project was launched in October 2011. Lee tweeted that the network has been up and running for the past eight years with zero downtime. Refuting bankruptcy claims, Lee wrote that they have enough money to last two years.

On the eighth anniversary of Litecoin, founder Charlie Lee tweeted the achievements of the crypto project while refuting claims of bankruptcy. Litecoin has stood the test of time successfully. Le tweeted that in the last eight years, over $500 billion worth of LTC has been transacted.

Charlie Lee clarified claims of bankruptcy calling it lies and FUD. He added that the company has enough money to last two years. Since the beginning of the year, LTC has gained 88% to its current levels despite a massive 60% correction from this year’s high of $145.

The cryptocurrency has been hovering around $55 level for the past few weeks. But it has been following a downward trend since the end of June. The halving event also failed to provide any positive momentum.

But over the last eight years, the coin has managed to establish itself in the crypto space. Several coins have come and gone, but Litecoin managed to survive the test of time.

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