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Kenya Defies US Pressure, Maintains Worldcoin Suspension

Kenya rejects US pressure to lift the suspension on Worldcoin's activities, citing concerns about the safety and integrity of financial deals. The government maintains the suspension until assurances are provided.

Kenya's Minister of Interior and National Administration has announced that the country will not lift the suspension on the activities of the cryptocurrency project Worldcoin, despite pressure from the United States government to do so.

Background and Suspension

The suspension was imposed in August 2023, citing concerns about the safety and integrity of financial deals. The Kenyan government specifically raised concerns about Worldcoin collecting crucial identification information, such as iris scans, in exchange for a digital ID.

US Pressure and Response

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki informed Parliament that Kenya has encountered pressure from the US government to lift the suspension on Worldcoin's activities. However, the government has decided to maintain the suspension until assurances regarding the safety and integrity of financial deals are provided.

Government Actions and Investigations

Following the suspension, the Kenyan government formed a 15-member parliamentary committee to investigate the controversial crypto project. The court also suspended Worldcoin's activities after a case was filed by the data commissioner's office, ordering the preservation of data collected by Worldcoin.

Worldcoin's Operations in Kenya

Worldcoin gained notoriety in Kenya for its program, where individuals scanned their iris using Worldcoin's Orb device in exchange for 25 WLD tokens. The project was officially launched in July 2023, with the aim of creating a digital ID system based on proof-of-personhood to differentiate humans from AI.


The decision to maintain the suspension on Worldcoin's activities highlights the government's commitment to ensuring the safety and integrity of financial transactions in Kenya. Despite pressure from the US government, Kenya remains firm in its stance on Worldcoin's operations.