Tron’s Justin Sun failed to change Warren Buffett’s mind on crypto.

It seems like the CEO of Tron, Justin Sun failed to convince billionaire Warren Buffett that cryptocurrencies are valuable. Justin Sun had paid $4.5 million for a charitable cause to score a dinner with the billionaire investor Warren Buffett that took place last month.

In an interview with CNBC, Warren Buffett said that cryptocurrencies have no value, and they do not produce anything. On 23rd January 2020, Justin and four others from the crypto industry dined with Warren Buffett in a private, not-for-profit country club in Nebraska. 


“I don’t own any cryptocurrency, and I never will.” 

Warren Buffett, when asked about whether he had changed his mind about cryptocurrencies, he replied negatively. He went on to say that bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies don’t do anything and have zero value. The billionaire is a known crypto critic as he previously called bitcoin “a real bubble” and “rat poison squared.” However, he praised and thanked Justin Sun and his companions that he invited to have dinner with as they helped a charitable cause.


Warren Buffett believes bitcoin is only used to move money illegally. 

89-year-old Buffett elaborated his opinion on the leading cryptocurrency, saying that bitcoin has been here for many years now but still has failed to prove its utility. He also said that bitcoin has only been used to move money illegally around the world alternative to carrying money in suitcases. Justin Sun later tweeted that the lunch with Mr. Buffett was very successful, and he learned a lot from him. 

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