JPMorgan is expanding crypto services as it looks to hire related experts.

JPMorgan Chase is expanding new positions related to cryptocurrencies and will offer crypto services in the merchant and consumer payments space.

Financial giant JPMorgan Chase is looking for potential employees who have experience in crypto, according to its job postings page. The banking giant is looking for individuals experienced in the bitcoin and Ethereum markets. Overall, the company has 34 open positions for its crypto department, ranging from product managers to blockchain engineers. The positions are based in several countries, which include the United States, Singapore, Greece, and Mexico.


JPMorgan seems interested in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

The current development is yet another sign of JPMorgan’s interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The banking giant has changed its stance on the crypto market over the years and now sees the crypto market as a legitimate asset class. The company’s acceptance of the crypto market has reached the point where analysts have given bitcoin a price target of $146,000 in the near to medium-term future, though it expects a correction. Though recently, the bank has said that bitcoin’s momentum could falter. It also believes that Ethereum should have better returns than bitcoin in the long run.


Cryptocurrencies continue to get mainstream exposure. 

As reported earlier, JPMorgan Chase & Co. has partnered with Singapore’s Temasek Holdings Pte. and DBS Group Holdings Ltd. to create a new blockchain-based platform for payments, trade, and foreign exchange settlement. The company will leverage blockchain technology and digitize M1 commercial bank money, to reduce current frictions and latency for cross-border payments, trade, and currency settlements, the firms said in a statement earlier this year. JPMorgan’s doubling down on crypto services is a sign of the times, with many companies reconsidering their past stance on crypto. The arrival of the likes of PayPal and Visa show that these incumbent companies do not want to miss out on an exciting new technology.

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