Jörg Molt faces backlash after claiming to be the co-founder of Bitcoin – Bitcoin News

In the last few years, several from the crypto community have claimed to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto, the person or a group who founded Bitcoin. Jörg Molt is the latest person who claims that he co-founded bitcoin and owns more than 250,000 bitcoins at the moment. However, he faced backlash from the crypto community for making such claims.

Jörg Molt claims that he co-founded bitcoin and owns at least 250,000 bitcoins, that are worth $2.28 billion at the current market rate. Crypto evangelist Jörg Molt’s twitter account “@bitcoin_cofound,” has been deactivated. His Linkedin bio also reads ” Bitcoin Co-founder.”

However, he failed to convince the crypto community as he faced a backlash. He has been branded as a fraudster and a scammer. Bitcoin and Co. Podcast Host, Anita Posch tweeted that Molt is a scammer, and the German authorities are investigating him.

Bitcoin evangelist Andreas Antonopoulos also tweeted that the claims made by Molt are lies. Kenneth Bosak also came forward to warn people of this scammer as he confronted him.

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